All Pointe Home Care & Allumé Home Care Join Forces!

Creating the Second Largest Pediatric Home Health Agency in Connecticut

All Pointe Home Care and Allumé Home Care have merged, effective July 16, 2021, creating the second largest provider of pediatric home health services in Connecticut.


The owners of All Pointe Home Care (Nancy & Steve LaPointe) and Allumé Home Care (Coco & Frank Sellman) have joined their two companies under one umbrella as subsidiaries of Remarkable Ventures LLC.


“All Pointe and Allumé are an outstanding cultural fit,” says Nancy LaPointe.  The founders of both companies are parents of special needs children.  Both companies were created with the hope of bringing relief and support to patients and families in need. “We also care deeply about our people and share the commitment of creating a work environment that expresses appreciation, support and care to employees,” says LaPointe.


Allumé and All Pointe are among the few remaining home health agencies in Connecticut owned by individual families, rather than large national corporations or private equity firms.  “We are real people our patients and employees know personally and can connect with directly,” says Sellman.


“Additionally, our people at All Pointe and Allumé are outstanding!  Our nurses, home health aides, Case Mangers, Clinical Care Managers, and administrators are superstars who work together to go the extra mile for patients, families, and each other,” says Sellman.


“Our partnership helps ensure we will have the resources and scale to fulfill our combined missions of providing outstanding in-home nursing and therapeutic care to patients and families for generations to come,” says Sellman.


The two companies have combine operations into a single platform and are now operating as All Pointe Home Care.


Our newly merged company, operating as All Pointe Home Care (based in Cheshire, CT) is a Connecticut licensed and Medicare accredited home health providers specializing around-the-clock nursing care of medically fragile children and adults.  Both organizations also provide intermittent skilled nursing, therapeutic, and home health aide visits to 70+ towns in central and western Connecticut.

To make a referral, learn about our services, find career opportunities, or explore how we are serving the community with impeccable nursing and therapeutic services at home, please visit us at All Pointe Home Care.

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