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For the month of February, The Right Questionsby Debbie Ford, is the Allumé Book of the Month!

We are giving away 10 copies of this awesome, quick read.  To claim a copy:

  1. Send an email to and put “THE RIGHT QUESTIONS” in the subject line. 
  2. In the body of the email, give us your name, address, and mobile number. 
  3. We will mail out your copy pronto!

I first read The Right Questions in 2003.  It came at a pivotal time in my life when I was choosing to leave a cushy corporate gig in exchange for the daring adventure of going out on my own.  Part of my search was working with the amazing Debbie Ford.  She was my mentor for three years.  Under her coaching and mentorship, I went through an incredible time of personal growth.

Debbie inspired me to discover the power living inside me.  She would proclaim, “BUST YOURSELF!”  And what she would gently encourage me to courageously examine how what I was habitually allowing myself to think, say, and do was leading me astray.  She guided me to own my choices in life, and see how my unconscious thinking, habits, excuses, and behaviors were keeping my life small, scarce, and forever wanting.

I was “out of integrity” with the life I desired and the person I longed to become.

Debbie helped me discover that by taking responsibility for my choices (to think, speak and act) would take me wherever I wanted to go in life, and the reasons I thought in the past for my disgruntlement (unfortunate circumstances, uncooperative people, and my seeming lack of resources) were mere smoke an mirrors.  The real truth was that my choices were responsible for my unhappiness.

Debbie wrote many books, but I chose The Right Questions as the Allume book for the month for two reasons:

  1. It so simply helps me examine my choices, and I hope it will do the same for you.
  2. A story in the first chapter inspired the name Allumé.

That’s right, The Right Questions wan actually an inspiration for the name, “Allumé,” which means “lit from within.”  In the first chapter, Debbie shares a meditation experience where she looked within herself to see the strength of her own inner flame.  When she discovered her inner fire was depleted, she embarked on a single-minded quest, devoted to fueling her inner flame.  (When you read this section in the book, I hope that it will produce that same commitment to your light as it has for me.)

This commitment to keep one’s inner flame ablaze has stuck with me for nearly fifteen years, and was the inspiration behind the idea of building a company where people’s inner light mattered — where supporting a team to stoke and kindle their inner flames, would produce a flood of radiance filling people’s homes.

This vision lives at the heart of what Allumé is meant to be at its best — lit from within.  Again and again, this vision takes my breath away, and reminds me of where I am headed.

It is no surprise that in The Right QuestionsDebbie also invites her readers to build a vision map — a map of the future that reminds them where they are headed.  A vision that when coupled with “the right 10 questions,” will ensure a magical unfolding in life.

I personally return, again and again, to the 10 Right Questions Debbie offers:

  1. Will this choice propel me toward and inspiring future, or will it keep me stuck in the past?
  2. Will this choice bring me long-term fulfillment, or will it bring me short-term gratification?
  3. Am I standing in my power, or am I trying to please another?
  4. Am I looking for what’s right, or am I looking for what’s wrong?
  5. Will this choice add to my life force, or will it rob me of my energy?
  6. Will I us this situation as a catalyst to grow and evolve, or will I use it to beat myself up?
  7. Does this choice empower me, or does it disempower me?
  8. Is this an act of self-love or self-sabotage?
  9. Is this an act of faith or fear?
  10. Am I choosing from my divinity or am I choosing from my humanity?

I hope you will join me in reading The Right Questions this month.  Be sure to email to claim your free copy.

All members of Team Allumé who complete the read and fill out our Book Club Form will receive a $30 bonus. 

Sadly, Debbie lost a hard battle with cancer six years ago.  My heart will forever mourn her loss, but her light still fuels my inner fire every day.  Learn more about her at

By Coco Sellman

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  • Najla

    I am so sorry for your loss. I’m looking forward to reading the book!

  • Coco Sellman

    Najla, thank you for your kind words…. Watch your mailbox for the book! It should be to you by the end of the week. 🙂

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