Radical Forgiveness

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For September, Allumé is featuring Radical Forgiveness:  A Revolutionary 5-Step Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, and Find Peace In Any Situation, by Colin Tipping.

We are giving away 10 copies of this great book aimed at lifting you up through the power of forgiveness.  To claim a copy:

  1. Send an email to admin@allumecares.com and put “RADICAL FORGIVENESS” in the subject line. 
  2. In the body of the email, give us your name, address, and mobile number. 
  3. We will mail out your copy pronto!


All members of Team Allumé who complete the read and fill out our Book Club Participation Form will receive a $20 bonus. 

The author offers a wonderful free RADICAL FORGIVENESS WORKSHEET, which I highly recommend, and have used many, many times in my own life.

As a matter of fact, Frank and I made a commitment to each other last month to do these worksheets regularly.  I completed 15 of them myself, forgiving everything from upsets with my daughter to disheartening world events to challenges I face in my personal relationships.  It left me with an elevated feeling of calm, release, ease, acceptance, and love.

Learn more about RADICAL FORGIVENESS from the author himself…


By Coco Sellman

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