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At Allumé, we love our nurses and employees.  While it’s true that Being Remarkable(TM) with patients and families is essential, what makes Allumé unique is our conscious commitment to provide Remarkable Care(TM) to our employees.

We seek to better the lives of our team members.  We hope that by taking the journey with us — the journey of caring for others together — we can bring an experience to each nurse, aide, scheduler, and administrator opening their life to more joy, purpose, and meaning.

We desire to nurture and care for our team, and hope those actions positively impact the life of each employee.

We hope that our team members feel inspired to better care for themselves, know their needs, tend to their dreams, and feel empowered to elevate their lives.  We hope this spreads to their families, friends, and communities.

We begin this with the simple image of “filling one’s cup.”  This first step of giving Remarkable Care(TM) guides the change we wish to make.

Taking care of oneself, knowing one’s needs, tending to one’s life are all essential aspects of this important ritual of filling one’s cup.

Caregivers often are masters at knowing the needs of others. But they often struggle with caring for themselves.

Filling up one’s cup is the forgotten step in giving.  It’s often seen as frivolous, selfish, unnecessary, unimportant.  Yet giving from an empty cup results in overwhelm and exhaustion, and eventually resentment and blame.  This kind of burdensome giving isn’t really giving, is it?

We want our care providers to feel the wholehearted joy that comes from giving from a full cup.  We believe that this true giving is what produces remarkable moments of connection with others — this ineffable thing we like to call Remarkable Care(TM).

We create a Curated Care Plan for each patient & family, which focuses on their spoken and unspoken wants and needs.  We also invite each of our employees to craft a Curated Self-Care Plan to ensure they come into the world with brimming cups.

I believe this is the true work of Being Remarkable(TM).


Coco Sellman

Founder & CEO

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