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Five Steps To Being Your Best Self

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As a business owner, one of my goals is to build a company culture and workplace experience that nurses, caregivers, and ambassadors of remarkable customer service want to live.

I desire employees to feel engaged, connected and cherished.  I yearn for each team member to thrive.

I believe in my heart of hearts that cultivating these feelings and experiences within a workplace creates a virtuous cycle all around.

  • It’s good for each team member
  • It cultivates team collaboration
  • It serves our customers at the highest level
  • It is good for the expanded community around us

For me, on a personal level, these are feelings and experiences I mindfully attempt to cultivate every day.  I know that these are specific human feeling we all crave, and when those feelings are experienced, I personally am being my Best Self.

I long for every Allumé teammate to feel they are being their Best Self. Every day.

How To Cultivate Being One’s Best Self

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For every great desire I’ve manifested (be it my precious marriage, our growing business, a beautiful meal, a drafted book), I’ve utilized these steps:

  1. Discover What You Secretly Wish To Feel
  2. Imagine Your Feelings As Goals
  3. Be Your Vision Now
  4. Activate the Rituals of Your Best Self
  5. Experience Daily Harvest

Over the next issues of “Being Remarkable,” learn more each of these steps.


By Coco Sellman


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