How To Be Remarkable?

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The journey of creating and building Allumé has been a journey of attempting to be remarkable. 

At the very beginning, when we first sat down and pondered who we wanted to be, what we wanted to do, and what we wanted to learn as we brought to life a healthcare company, we decided we wanted Allumé, and everyone in it, to heed a call to “be remarkable.”

Since we began the journey more than three years ago, this intention to be remarkable has guided me along the path.  It has informed me many times of what to do, how to do it, and who I should be in moments along the way.

To be honest, I’ve shied away from the idea of coming right out and saying that I’m committed to a life of “Being Remarkable,” for fear of judgment and reflection on all the ways I am clearly not remarkable:  where I’m average (at best), unconscious, insecure, broken, wounded, fearful, ugly, unexpressed, angry, and ashamed.

I’ve come to realize that flaws and imperfection are a very real and needed part of any remarkable journey.  The quest to make “being remarkable” the way I live has come with the acceptance of the humanity of myself, along with the people and world around me.

Being Remarkable has never and will never be about being perfect.

  • Being Remarkable is more about who you are when you are not perfect. When you disappoint.  When you fall down.
  • Being Remarkable is more about taking responsibility for one’s life, one’s shortcomings, and one’s gifts and using them all to heal, grow, and contribute goodness into the world.
  • Being Remarkable is more about the subtle act of showing up with love in your heart and less about winning big victories.
  • Being Remarkable is more about taking intentional, conscious actions that elevate and support you, others, and the world.

Being Remarkable is a committed way of life that when followed, allows for the expansion of love, joy, connection, and meaning in everyone who touches it.

Over the last three years, I’ve meditated on this idea of being remarkable and asked for higher guidance to help distill it down to its essential elements, both for my own life instruction, as well for guiding the expansion of Allumé.

What has arisen are The Three Commitments of Being Remarkable, and the Three Areas of Engagement that activate each Commitment.  I invite you to consider the power of invoking these commitments into your life starting now.

The Three Commitments of Being Remarkable

  1. Cultivating One’s Light
    • Engaging in Self Knowledge
    • Engaging in Self Care
    • Engaging in Self Expansion
  2. Whole-Hearted Dedication To Supporting Others
    • Engaging in Each Patient
    • Engaging in Each Family
    • Engaging in Your Team
  3. Elevated & Intentional Action
    • Engaging in Excellence
    • Engaging in Connection
    • Engaging in Gratitude

A little discussion on each of these commitments follows.

Cultivate One’s Light.

Early in the journey of building Allume, it became extraordinarily clear the key to delivering heart-felt, exceptional care (aka Remarkable Care(TM)) to patients and families begins with a care provider who is ready and able to serve.  The image I hold is of a person “lit from within,” as the name Allume suggests.  If the care provider is depleted in some way, be it emotionally, physically, relationally, or spiritually, her light will be depleted and she will be less able to show up with an overflowing cup of loving care ready to share with others.

Thus, this first commitment of “cultivating one’s light,” is an essential ongoing practice of both knowing and caring for oneself, as well as always curiously expanding oneself into being one’s Best Self.

To activate the Commitment to Cultivating One’s Light, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do you love about yourself?
  2. What is something you could do every day to foster more laughter in your life?
  3. What would you do in the next 12 months if you had unlimited resources?

Whole-Hearted Dedication To Supporting Others.

At the center of our vision for Remarkable Care(TM) lives our desire for healthcare to be whole-hearted.  Rather than having interactions that are merely transactional and clinical in nature, we long to create connection, meaning, and heart.  Not only is this kind of care transformative and healing for others, whole-hearted giving is also an essential ingredient for living a happy, enriched life. When our days and moments are filled with robust and meaningful service, we are more soul-satisfied.  At Allume, we focus on engaging whole-heartedly with patients and their families, as well as with members of our team.

To activate the Commitment to Whole-Hearted Dedication To Supporting Others, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Bring to mind a patient or customer you serve.  Using empathy, intuition, and deep listening, what is one thing they are deeply longing for?
  2. Bring to mind the family or customer you serve.  Imagine their life beyond the interactions you have with them and consider what would make them smile?
  3.  Bring to mind a teammate who is struggling in some way.  What are the courageous choices and actions your co-worker is taking?

Elevated & Intentional Action.

Most of what we do day-to-day is automatic.  We wake up, we stumble out of bed, we brush our teeth, we find our way to work. Without conscious awareness, our daily activities and even conversations are repeating versions of yesterday.  The same challenges repeated, the same habits, the same pleasures, the same people, the same horizons.  Remarkable moments happen when we transcend the mundane and create moments of treasure, awe, delight, inspire, hope…

This last commitment is about the conscious choice to pepper one’s life with intentional actions that lead to expansion and elevation of the heart, mind, and experience.  These choices might relate to one’s desire to pursuit an area of excellence, like learn something new, master a study, or manifest a heart’s desire.  It could also stem from actions aimed at building a connection with others.  Examples might be healing a relationship, surrounding oneself with a group of inspiring friends, or feeling the joy of beholding the beautiful nature of a person you treasure.  Intentional acts of gratitude also fall under this commitment.  Gratitude is a form of alchemy, in that it elevates the feeling of worthiness, joy, and celebration in both the giver and the receiver.  Acts of gratitude are key to the experience of being remarkable.

To activate the Commitment to embark upon Elevated & Intentional Action, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is something you would like to learn in the next 12 months?  Is there a skill or study you’ve been longing to embody?
  2. Who is someone with whom you would like to develop a deeper connection? What is something you could do in the next week to create a heart-felt and memorable moment with this person?
  3. Who is someone for whom you feel grateful?  What could you do today to express gratitude to this person?

In my own life, I have found these Commitments, and their fellow Engagements, to support me in my journey of life.  They help me as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter, and friend.  They help me find and follow my authentic path.  They help me find and step into the shoes of my Best Self.  One moment at a time.

I hope they will provide support to you on your journey.

With Love,

Coco Sellman

Founder & CEO

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