Worth Doing Wrong

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For November, Allumé is featuring Worth Doing Wrong:  The Quest to Build a Culture that Rocks, by Arnie S. Malham.

We are giving away 10 copies of this great book aimed at lifting you up through the power of forgiveness.  To claim a copy:

  1. Send an email to admin@allumecares.com and put “WORTH DOING WRONG” in the subject line. 
  2. In the body of the email, give us your name, address, and mobile number. 
  3. We will mail out your copy pronto!


All members of Team Allumé who complete the read and fill out our Book Club Participation Form will receive a $20 bonus. 

Arnie S. Malham is the author of Worth Doing Wrong, is a member of EO, a global entrepreneurs’ network to which I belong.  I had the pleasure of meeting Arnie last year and felt and incredible kinship in his approach to building a business.

I’ve invited everyone in the office to read this book (read physically or listen on Audible) and pick one of Arnie’s great culture-building ideas and commit to making it happen in 2020.  Honestly, I would be tickled if everyone in the whole company decided to pick one thing to build connection, engagement, appreciation, and celebration within Allume.  Just imagine HOW MUCH FUN that would be!

Imagine how rituals of kindness, fun, acknowledgment would affect us all, and our patients, in an indelibly positive way.

Learn more about culture-building from Arnie here…

By Coco Sellman

  • Lynn Janco

    I would like to read the book of the month. Worth Doing Wrong

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