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In the last three “Being Remarkable” articles, we have been in a conversation about being your Best Self.  We introduced the topic in, “Design the Life of Your Best Self” where the Five Steps to Being Your Best Self were introduced:

  1. Discover What You Secretly Wish To Feel
  2. Imagine Your Feelings As Goals
  3. Be Your Vision Now
  4. Activate the Rituals of Your Best Self
  5. Experience Daily Harvest

Today we move along to the third step…

Be Your Vision Now

In step two, “Imagine Your Feelings As Goals,” you looked into the future, grounded in the feelings you want to feel, and explored how your life would look today, in one year, and in five years, if you were living the life of your Best Self.

In this step, we explore the function and purpose of goals further, as well as to implement a daily practice of listening to your Best Self for guidance on how to be in the world each day.

The Purpose of Future Goals

Often times goals are seen as the Mecca.  The place where celebration lives.  The moment when fiesta can occur.  And I would agree that accomplishing goals is reason for celebration, but it’s not the only place where celebration can live.  In fact, sometimes goals become a source of emptiness, regret, and sadness.  Often, achievement of the goal is seen as the only purpose, and everything that happens until the goal is complete is riddled with strife, exhaustion, and non-acceptance of today’s reality.

For me, goals and have an alternate function.  For me, goals are meant to inform us not of what we are meant to be, do, and feel in the future.

Goals are intended to inform us of

who we are meant to be, do, and feel right now.


  • If you see yourself feeling safe and free with a brimming savings of $1 million, that goal is informing you of what you need to be, do, and feel right now.  Perhaps you need to be responsible and choose to deposit the $5 you might have spent at Starbucks into an investment account, and as you do it, it’s your responsibility to feel safe and free.

  • If you see yourself feeling successful, accepted, and creative with a NY Times best-selling book, that goal is informing you of what your Best Self would be, do, and feel right now.  Perhaps you would carve out time to write, observe and celebrate why you are successful already, and feel like the creative human you are.  Just step into it.  You don’t have to wait until the NY Times has given you permission.
  • If you see yourself feeling sexy, sensuous, and beautiful 20-pounds lighter, heed the calling that your Best Self is longing for you to put your sexy on today, give yourself a sensuous bath, and read love poetry to yourself over lovingly prepared healthy food.  It’s not the 20-pounds that stopping you from feeling and being who you long to be.

We’ve been trapped inside the illusion that the goal is the doorway to feeling and being what we desire, when it’s not.

The doorway is the present moment awareness of (1) who you want to be, (2) the actions your Best Self longs for you to take right now, and (3) which feelings to cultivate while you are being and doing in your moments of today.

Your Best Self knows the harvest lives in the now, living patiently in this and every moment, awaiting your awareness and retrieval.

You don’t have to wait until you’ve lost the weight, published the book, or saved the million dollars to be your Best Self.  You are called right now to step into her shoes and be her.

Choose To Be

Perhaps you want to be healthy, empowered, responsible, successful, or whatever you long to be. Simply make it your intention to be that person all day today, tomorrow, and throughout the year.  Infuse your every action with this selected way of being.  As you wash the dishes, read your email, drive to work, talk to your child… be that healthy/empowered/responsible person you long to be.

Take Wise Action

Your Best Self is a presence who lives and breathes inside of you.  S/he is available to you at every moment for guidance.  Simply call upon her, bring her into your awareness, and ask her for guidance.

This is a practice I’ve done faithfully for years.  This practice changed my life.  If I had to let go of every other tool I have, this would be the one I would keep.  This practice changed my life.  I honestly feel that every good thing I have in my life is the product of this simple practice.

Every day, I imagine having a discussion with my Best Self:  

  1. I call her into my presence, breathe her in, and allow myself to feel the peace, ease, and steadiness that she brings into my life.

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  2. Connected to my heart, I ask her, “What is the wisdom or message you have for me today?”  I breathe and listen and her words simply come.  She might tell me to let in more light, look for the brilliance in others, be gentle with myself, or whatever her message might be.  I listen and reflect.
  3. Next, I ask her “What’s getting in the way of me receiving this wisdom?” In other words, what am I doing to prevent love, light, guidance, peace, and ease from making its way to my consciousness? What am I doing to deflect the support, love, and peace available to me?  She might offer words like, “trying to do everything myself,” “not asking for help,” “coming from fear rather than faith,” or “resisting what is rather than accepting life with love.”
  4. Finally, I ask her “What is a specific action I can take today to manifest your wisdom?”  Here’s where she gives me specific instructions.  It might be “take a walk and contemplate abundance,” “write a poem,” “have a courageous conversation with the person I’m having an impasse,” or “

Cultivate Desired Feelings

We buy into the illusion that we have no control over our feelings. We allow ourselves to indulge in the notion that we are at the whims of the world around us.  What happens “out there” causes how you feel inside.  We believe that our feelings are a product of what happens to us.

To “be your vision now” requires you to bust yourself! It requires you to surrender the idea that you are a victim of your emotions.  It invites you to set your own course in life and take back the power of your inner emotional world.  You have the keys to invoke whatever feeling you desire at any moment.

To cultivate the feelings you want to feel, all that is necessary is a little creativity and willingness. Image result for cultivate

  • If you want to feel more love, engage in activities that inspire you to cultivate the feeling of love:  write love letters, speak from your heart, listen to a love song, reflect on loving memories.
  • If you want to feel more empowerment, engage in actions that allow you to trust and feel your power:  tell a truth you’ve been hiding, make a choice you’ve been putting off, say no to the commitment that you keep complaining about, or say yes to taking the new job that feels like a stretch.
  • If you want to feel more peace and ease, choose to pepper your day with actions that will invoke a serene feeling: light a candle and take three deep breaths, sip tea and imagine drinking calm, engage in slow mindful eating, or meditate on the image of bringing a soothing light into your body.

Cultivating desired feelings is an intentional act aimed at elevating your energy and moving you into the state of feeling of your Best Self.

Exercise – Be Your Vision Now

Experiencing Your Daily Harvest begins with Becoming Your Vision Now, where you…

  1. Set an intention of what you want to be today.  Infuse your every action with that state of being.
  2. Take an action your Best Self longs for you to take today.  Imagine daily that you could have a conversation with your Best Self and journal on these questions:
    • What is the wisdom or message you have for me today?
    • What’s getting in the way of me receiving this wisdom?
    • What is a specific action I can take today to manifest your wisdom?
  3. Cultivate the feelings you long to feel. Choose one of the feelings your unmet, desired feelings.  Identify one thing you could to today to spark that feeling.

I invite you to participate in the exercise above yourself. I look forward to hearing from you.

By Coco Sellman


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