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In the last series of “Being Remarkable” articles, we have been in a conversation about being your Best Self.  We introduced the topic in, “Design the Life of Your Best Self” where the Five Steps to Being Your Best Self were introduced:

  1. Discover What You Secretly Wish To Feel
  2. Imagine Your Feelings As Goals
  3. Be Your Vision Now
  4. Activate the Rituals of Your Best Self
  5. Experience Daily Harvest

Today we move along to the fifth step…

Experience Daily Harvest

Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to listen to one’s higher wisdom and follow its instructions.  Every step aligned with this “Best Self” puts you deeper in harmony with your deeper purpose, connected to infinite love, and tapped into a profound sense of peaceful empowerment.  Every time we lean into the higher guidance within us, and act from it, we align with forces beyond our human will, discipline, and effort. We partner with a universal force of energy that exists all around us, that sits dormant and waiting for us to call upon it. This universal energy force wants to create in partnership with us everything we desire.

In fact, I believe that our deepest desires are suggested or implanted into our minds by the longing of this universal energy force to create wonderful things in our world.  There is no need to fear what you desire. Your desire is meant to lead you on a journey of expansion, enrichment, and true success.

When you heed the calling of your inner voice, magical things start happening.  But because we’re not tuned in to see magic, we may have trouble seeing it at first.  But as you learn to focus your attention to see the good things springing up all over your life, suddenly your eyes are conditioned to see magic everywhere.

Experiencing Your Daily Harvest is all about tuning your perception to the sight of miracles, goodness, kindness, and celebration.

It’s about seeing the progress you are making in elevating your life and being your Best Self.

Seek Miracles

A miracle is defined as anything that elevates your energy in a positive way.

A miracle is anything that uplifts or elevates you.  A miracle could be the sight of sunshine beaming through a cloud, the unexpected encounter with a friend on the street, an opportunity or invitation to do something that lights you up, or any other occurrence that uplifts you.  It brings you from a state of low or moderate energy to a state of higher energy.

This is caused by an infusion of higher energy from the infinite pool


Celebrate Your Harvest

Every single day, create a reason to celebrate who you are.

What are sources of celebration?  Just about anything.  Here are just a few examples…

  • It could be celebrating something you accomplished in the past.  Going to college, getting a degree, leaving a relationship, painting a picture, saving for a house, losing three pounds are examples.
  • It could be some small act of kindness from today.
  • It could be celebration of a specific quality you have (your kindness, your sensitivity, your listening, your tenacity).
  • It could be a celebration of something you cherish, like your job, your marriage, your children, or your doggie.  It could be a celebration of today’s weather, the soup you made for dinner, or the laundry you folded.  What you celebrate doesn’t matter.  The key is to celebrate.


 Exercise – Claim Your Harvest

Today, and every day for 30 days, I invite you to bring with you a small notebook.  In this notebook, you are invited to do three things every day:

  1. Track miracles.  Write down at least 5 miracles every day.    Claim the miracle by writing it in your notebook.
  2. Acknowledge progress. Write down at least 5 things that you would like to celebrate about yourself, actions you are taking, or progress you are making in moving your life in the direction inspired by your Best Self.
  3. Celebrate.  Every day choose an action of celebration to take within 24-hours.  Something you will do to toast your miracles, progress, and harvest.  This could be as simple as lighting a candle and blowing it out, or as momentous as taking yourself on a magical trip.  One action of celebration every day is food for your soul.

By Coco Sellman

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