What is a Brilliant Creator?

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What Does it Mean to be a Brilliant Creator?

Take a moment right now and ask yourself – What does it mean to you to be a Brilliant Creator, a person who actively creates the remarkable in their life?  Grab a pen and paper to write down your own personal definition. Take some time with this; see what visions or thoughts pop into your head.

  • Do you see a Wizard with a magic wand creating anything desired in the moment?
  • Or perhaps a person sitting by a lakeside with eyes closed listening to the whispers and intentions sourced from their soul.
  • You might think a Brilliant Creator is one who avidly creates what they desire, an individual who practices the Law of Attraction with great soul-satisfying fulfillment.
  • Is it someone who has the babe, the bucks, and the mansion?
  • Is it someone who feels connected to Spirit, love, and joy most of the time?

It’s good to know what your personal definition is, as it speaks to your desire.  It speaks to the reasons why manifestation is important to you.

However, my Best Self has shown me that there is more to it than that.  I have been guided to see what most of us think of as manifestation is actually the outcome of being in the proper vibration. It may seem a bit confusing so let me walk you through this definition my Best Self shared with me. We are open and actively creating the remarkable when we first understand:

We humans create EVERYTHING in life.

You and me – we already create everything in our lives.  Our lives are a reflection of the energy we are resonating from within.  We are creation machines.  We create so naturally, we don’t even realize we are constantly, prolifically doing it.  No one needs to teach us how to create. It’s what we naturally do.

The key is to move from being an unconscious creator to a Brilliant Creator – someone who is a goddess or god of manifestation.

A Brilliant Creator is different from the typical everyday massively powerful run-of-the mill human creator in two ways:

  • First, a Brilliant Creator recognizes and humbly acknowledges she creates absolutely everything she perceives in her life.
  • Second, a Brilliant Creator does something fantastically simple, yet mountain-movingingly profound:  she revels and savors every part of what she has created, both the victories and the challenges. She eats her favorite dark chocolates with sea salt caramel, drinks Spanish wine, and dances barefoot on the back deck with the dreamboat from next door. The Brilliant Creator authentically laughs, passionately cries and has a fierce devotion to who she is.

Thus, here is the definition given to me by my Best Self of what a Brilliant Creator is:

A Brilliant Creator is a person who recognizes and humbly acknowledges that she creates absolutely everything she perceives in life, and then, upon perception, she chooses to revel and savor in every part of it.

I don’t know how this definition lands on you, but to me, it sort of came out of left field.  It wasn’t what I expected.  In fact, at first, it didn’t even make much sense.

Visiting My Best Self

I was given this definition on a cold November day in 2008 while doing my daily sacred daily practice of connecting with my Best Self. After sipping tea, I closed my eyes turning my awareness inside. Taking a few moments to breathe into my heart, where love resides, I called forth, an image of a divine guide, my Best Self, who could give me wisdom and instructions for how to live that day.  The Guide who came forth was a woman, a bit older than me at the time, perhaps in her early forties, and she sat in a bright room with high ceilings and enormous windows with white sheer curtains, and light pouring in.  She had chin-length dark hair, and dark eyes, but everything around her was a bright golden white – the walls, the art, the soft modern furniture, her jeans, and her cashmere sweater.

As I do most days when connecting with my Best Self, I asked her why she came to me, and she got right to the point, “I am here to share with you what it means to be a Brilliant Creator.”  And she then shared the unexpected definition, “A Brilliant Creator is a person who recognizes and humbly acknowledges that she creates absolutely everything she perceives in her life, and then, upon perception, she chooses to revel and savor in every part of it.”

“Huh?” I thought quizzically.

I imagined that a Brilliant Creator would be a person who creates amazing things that she desires.  I thought being a master of manifestation would mean I’d have some secret recipe for getting what I desire.  I was hoping she’d tell me to do mantras, or make vision boards, or write down a list and burn it or something.  I wanted her to give me the tools to think of something I desire and “POW!” I could make it manifest if I followed some set of instructions.

That’s what my ego wanted to know – how could I get what I desire?  But nowhere in this definition from my Best Self was there any mention of specific things to do to get what I desired.

My Best Self then helped me look deeper at what she was offering me.

She showed me that I already have the power to create.  I am already creating.  Not just little things like the document I delivered to a client, or a new boyfriend, or an unexpected check for $50.  My Best Self was suggesting that we create everything we perceive already.

“Well, that’s kind of a lot, wouldn’t you agree?” she asked.  As I nodded my head in agreement, it was indeed quite a lot, I still felt confused and even resistant. There were things in my life I did not desire. Was she saying I created those too?

“Why, if I’m such a powerful creator would I create the unwanted parts of my life?” I asked her.  She explained the reasons were complex. Greater details would unfold in our conversations to come.

In essence, she shared the world around me was matching my energetic vibration, and to change my world, would ultimately require me to shift my energetic vibration. Once I did, I would find my world to be a very different, more inviting place. 

Your Profound Ability To Create

More on my guided sessions later, for now, my message to you is simply to soak in being a Brilliant Creator is not about what you create or how you create it.  It’s about the pure and simple fact that you are born with this profound ability to create and when you see your creation with love and delight, you will understand the true virtue of being a Brilliant Creator.

Sure, you will create amazing things – everything you desire, in fact – but getting what you desire will at some point be less of the focus.  Seeing the beauty of all that is and deeply reveling and savoring it will be the much bigger, albeit less sexy-sounding prize.

Realizing We Are Not Victims

In the weeks and months that passed after having first received this definition of a Brilliant Creator, I slowly began to soak into the idea that Creating Brilliance wasn’t about getting stuff I desire faster than ever, it is about being present and seeing what is there with divine eyes of gratitude.  

At first, I thought this was a bit of a let down.  I still wanted keys to have what I wanted.  I didn’t realize until much later and in practice what I will spell out in this blog… being present to one’s power, and seeing it with eyes of divine perfection is deeply more satisfying than any kind of magic genie voodoo I think I was hoping for. 

Getting what you think you desire would be the booby prize for this much greater giftthe gift of living in moments where you feel fully aware of your power and completely able to capture the gift of every bit of what is here.

When we accept we create everything we perceive, we are given a great gift – a gift that may feel more like a punishment at first.  We are given the gift of realizing we are NOT victims.

We are given the gift of knowing we created everything in our lives – even the parts we don’t like. We are blessed when we no longer see ourselves as victims.  I understand it can seem like we are a victim, and in fact it might even feel better to believe we are.

If, in the canvas of our life, we see illness, pain, loss, bankruptcy, disability, violence, or despair, we may be convinced we are victimized. These things have seemingly come to us without our permission and thus we are victims, powerless in the world.  However, those unwanted parts of our life canvas, the ones we can’t even imagine “reveling and savoring” – are the cosmic breadcrumbs to help us find our way to a higher state of energy.  When we live at a higher state of energy, we can discover what is so great about the things we do not like.

By loving what is, we move through it and create something new if we choose. 

Revel & Savor

In our formal definition of Brilliant Creator, we “revel and savor” every aspect of creation.  Revel and savor. Wow, doesn’t that sound good?  According to the Random House Dictionary:

  • Revel means to “take great pleasure and delight” or “to make merry.” 
  • Savor means to “perceive by taste or smell” and to “give oneself the enjoyment of.”

Notice our definition does NOT say we revel and savor only the good parts –

We revel and savor EVERY part of it.

In other words, we own the full power by claiming nothing is done unto us without permission.  Everything came of our own choosing.  Every single person, every situation, and condition was created by you. Each creation, miraculous or messy, should be reveled and savored.

By Coco Sellman

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