A Remarkable Life

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Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and so is a remarkable life.

Take Sheila, Sheila decided leave her corporate job, follow a passion of writing and move to Paris, where she has learned the language, is taking cooking classes and writes freelance for money. She enjoys every ounce of waking up near the Champs-Elysees, taking walks in La Mais, eating the fresh strawberries at the fruit stands. She sits with her cup of coffee and watches the beautiful moments pass by, the beautiful music of life. She is living her remarkable life.

Then there is Leslie. Leslie, on the other side of the world, a small town in Kansas, her love, her life, is her children. She is a proud Mama of 3 beautiful children, all under the age of 6. She has chosen to stay home with them, she works hard to make it work but she loves every minute of it. She faces the challenges of being a mom, she knows in her heart she has done what she is best suited to do. She plays with them, she reads with them, she snuggles with them, she knows that this is the life she is meant to have.
Then there is Deirdre, she lives in Los Angeles. She longed for years to be a fashion designer, and she worked for many years creating beautiful things until she finally found her place in Los Angeles working with movie stars. Her beautiful, incredible designs show up on actors and actresses every day on the red carpet. She loves creating her beautiful works, and at home at night she likes to spend time with a sweet, wonderful man who loves to cook her dinner. This is Deirdre’s version of remarkable.
Let’s not forget Susan, who lives in Hawaii. She has been trained in development and has worked for schools her whole career, while her heart was being pulled by the ocean. After many years of evaluating and looking for opportunities, when finally surfaced a school near the beach, perfect opportunity for her. She was able to take her two children and move to Hawaii, where she wakes in the morning, goes surfing, does yoga, breathes in the sunshine, before she heads to the office to make her meaningful and important contribution through her work and development in raising money for a school aimed at enriching children’s lives.  Susan creates her brilliance anew every day.
All these women have brilliant lives, inspired creations in their personally crafted lives, and what makes them so, is that each of these women loves her life. She lovse the texture, the feeling, the presence of her life. It doesn’t mean that every moment is perfect, far from it in fact. It simply means that for each, she stands square in the awareness that she chose the life she is living, she loves it, she is grateful for it, and she knows that among all the beauty and riches she has right now, she can choose to create something new whenever she desires.

In essence, that is what it means to create REMARKABLE in your life. A remarkable life is a life filled with love, filled with the power to create new brilliance, while always standing and knowing that what you have is plenty and abundant.

A remarkable life can only be found by listening to the urges of one’s soul, by succumbing to the callings of your spirit. A life of brilliance is only brilliant, it is only remarkable, if it is your life. If Sheila were to decide to take on Deirdre’s life, beautiful life as it is, Sheila would be miserable. If Leslie suddenly embodied Susan’s life, she would find herself equally as puzzled. Adrift. Askew.  Incomplete.

Each of us is searching for our own brilliance. Our own remarkable.

Much of what we are told comes from the outside that is telling us, defining us, telling us what will make our lives good and right.  These messages from outside ourselves, while compelling, will never lead us to our brilliance.

What these women have in common is that each of them, somewhere on their journey, just like you, decided to stop listening to the definition of what is remarkable from everyone else. Each of these women decided to curate the meaning of beauty for themselves. In so doing, each of them creates a life of meaning, a life worth living, a life empowered.

On this blog, Being Remarkable, I invite you to consider for yourself what brilliance means for you. I invite you to hear the urgings of your soul.  I invite you to create something enriched, something of meaning, something that will stand as the guidepost of where you are heading.

We each are given the gift of this most precious life. Your life is a sacred responsibility, a treasure, a one-time opportunity.

I believe each of us chose to come into this life.  Each of us choose to create something remarkable.


Consider these questions:

  1. What about your life is just as you like it? Carefully chosen and gathered to be as you like it?
  2. What would you want to change?
  3. What is your brilliance? Your special gifts?
  4. What would a Remarkable Life look like for you?

By Coco Sellman

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