Choose Faith

 In Being Remarkable

Today I choose faith.

Choosing faith means letting go of fear, letting go of the need to know, letting go of the need to understand all the intricacies of why.

Choosing faith means knowing there is love and abundance all around, that light is holding each of us, even if it doesn’t at first appear to be so.

Choosing faith means staying focused on the next step. The next step I can take, the next step drawn from love, the next step drawn from hope, the next step drawn from my belief that light prevails.

Today in my life, choosing faith will mean surrendering my fears and handing them off to my higher power, which I often see as a group of angels surrounding me. Today I ask them to manage those things that are out of my control, too much to hold, or to overwhelming to manage.

Today, I invite my angels to carry the load for me.

I ask them to take care of our patients, surround our nurses with safety, bring hope and security to my family.

Today, it means seeing each person in front of me as a life that is endless and not just contained within this one body.

It means trusting that what’s on my calendar, what’s in my heart today is enough.

How can you choose faith today?

  • Bring your hope into the home of each patient you see
  • Reflect divine perspective in every eye you see
  • Choose to surrender to hope rather than fear
  • Believe in something larger than yourself
  • Focus on love, the love you have for your family and for your community, and do what you can and don’t judge yourself for what you can’t

On this holy day, remember that each moment is sacred and breathe in the gratitude of this next breath.

With Love,



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