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Today I choose stewardship.

I choose to be a steward, to take care of those things that I hold near and dear.

Starting Allumé has been one of the greatest joys of my life. It has also been riddled with more challenges than I could possibly count, like stars in the sky. Every day brings new challenges, some that are like skinned knees and others that feel like a heart attack. Yet with it all, I feel great, gratitude for the opportunity, the responsibility, of being the owner of a company.

I feel the same way about parenthood. Stewardship, taking care of my children, my family. Like stars in the sky there are infinite moments of love and challenge.

When I was a little girl, I was motivated by opportunity.  I felt validated and appreciated when others entrusted me with new responsibilities or new challenges.  I felt like I was valued by the others.  And that desire was a motivating force in my life.  Responsibility has been part of my life journey. It’s what I love and what I fear.

As I reflect on all that is in my care, all that is my responsibility, I choose to make stewardship my choice today.  I choose to take what has been so beautifully given to me as opportunity and to take care of it wholeheartedly.

Today, the choice of stewardship looks like so many things.

It looks like focusing on each of our patients.

It looks like focusing on each of our employees.

It looks like being a great employer.

It looks like being a great provider of healthcare.

It means finding all of the PPE necessary to keep my team, my patients, my family safe.

It means making time for my sweet daughters, and my sweet husband.

It means knowing that today it’s a rainy day and that Ella Pearl, who is 11, will be sad to be inside all day and she will need her parent midday to keep her going.

It means that I know that our case managers in the field will need the support, the loving care, that’s necessary to go walk into people’s homes.

It means that each nurse, caring one-on-one, for our medically fragile patients will need to know that she or he is appreciated.

It means stewardship of the company.

It means knowing the responsibility of what opportunities exist for us and how to ensure the longterm success and survival of Allume.

What could stewardship mean for you?

  • It starts by asking yourself the question, “What’s important to you?”
  • It continues as you ask yourself, “What’s in your responsibility? What is in your care, little things and large?” Your teeth, your body, your children, your family, your dishes in your kitchen, all things in your care, your patients, your customers, all those who are in your care, your community.
  • Ask yourself, “How could you make an impact today? How could you bring strength, responsibility, clarity and ownership to that which resides in your care?”
  • What could you do to protect your resources? — Your resources of time, love, energy, money, creativity? Where do you want to put your precious resources?

I invite you to join me in the choice of stewardship.  I invite you become a mighty steward of those things for which you so deeply care.

With Love,


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