Choose The Next Right Thing

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Today, I choose to do the next right thing.

I woke up today in a funk. Not going to lie. In truth, so many things are going well. My family is momentarily safe and hopefully will continue to be healthy. Things are going well with our team and our patients. We’ve even have success to celebrate. I should be happy. I should feel free. Yet today I still feel the weight of anxiety looming around me.

Some days are like this. My sweet husband often chants this mantra, which I will choose to guide my day:  DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING.

as I lean into the moments of today, I will be consciously choosing the next right thing.

What does that mean? It means leaning into love, leaning into abundance, leaning into hope. It means caring about people. It means caring about relationships. It means leaning into possibility.

This too shall pass. The clouds will part. The sun still shines behind what feels like an endlessly overcast time in our lives.

But in this midst, I choose to do the right thing. Keep doing the next right thing, as in challenging times past, I know a new day will finally dawn.

One day I will look up at the sky and see the stars again.

One day we will sit with our friends, hand in hand, nuzzled together. One day the team will be able to laugh together in the conference room as we gather on Fridays. We’ll be able to celebrate birthdays once again, all together with a birthday cake and the funny hat and the embarrassing singing of the birthday song. One day soon, we’ll return to all of that. And in the meantime, today, I will keep doing the next right thing.

I invite you to join me in this sacred quest to bring us all back to someday sunshine… I invite you to seek the next right thing.

  • Offer a kind smile to your child when they are frustrated
  • Make your bed in the morning as a gift to yourself in the afternoon
  • Offer support when someone asks for help
  • Fold the towels and put them gently in the linen closet
  • Create a healthy meal for your family
  • Take your doggie for a walk
  • Say thank you to those you serve
  • Read a book that soothes you
  • Be forgiving and generous with those who don’t come through
  • Light a candle, turn on jazz, and wash the dishes
  • Play cards with your little one

Thank you for being a part of bringing back the dawn.  Thank you for listening to these words and being a part of my journey. I am grateful for you in this moment.

By Coco Sellman

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