Choosing To Listen

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Today’s choice is to listen more.

I find that often in my role, my brain is analyzing what’s happening in the world, the challenges that are being faced by my company, my family, my community. In my life, I’m often finding myself needing to be the one making decisions, providing structures, giving feedback and delivering advice.

But today, my wisdom is telling me what’s needed today is more listening.

To bring out the best in me and the best and the world around me, the answer is to listen.

Listening will appear for me in many ways…

I have several meetings scheduled. I will choose today to do far more listening than talking.

I will choose to listen with my ears and heart open wide, listening for the wisdom of others, the greatness of others, the brilliance trying to shine through.

Today I will focus not on my ideas for which I always will have in days to follow should I want them.

Today I will focus on other’s ideas.

I will also need to listen when it comes to my family.

I need to listen with my open heart to connect with my beautiful daughter. Listening for her means hearing what she’s not saying, hearing what she’s needing, hearing her unspoken brilliance and beauty.

Listening means celebrating her just the way she is.

I’m also going to focus on listening to my higher power today, my inner wisdom.

When I use my head less and my heart more and listen from within.

What could this mean for you?

I invite you to join me in this choice today, to listen more.

Listen with your heart open wide.

See if you can hear the needs of others.

See if you can reflect on the brilliance of others.

See if through listening today you might find solace, comfort, answers.

See if by listening today, you can discover grace, peace, and harmony.

What if today through listening, you found everything you need.


By Coco Sellman

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  • Gail white

    What an amazing world this would be if everyone spent a little time just listening to others.

    • Coco Sellman

      I fully agree, Gail. 🙂

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