Choose To Focus On The Horizon

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Today, I choose to focus on the horizon.

Oftentimes, in my meditations I see myself engaged in climbing a mountain.  Some days I am miles away from the mountain seeing it in the distance.  The mountain is a beacon directing me on a path into the future.  Some days I am standing at the base of a mountain, facing the climb right in front of me, coaxing me to begin up the long track.  Other days, I’m in the midst of the climb, with vistas behind me, and the impending steep climb still ahead.  Today in my meditation, I find myself standing (oddly) atop the mountain. It surprises me because I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near the top.  But I trust my inner wisdom well enough to know, there is higher guidance trying to reach me. As I listen deeply from within, understanding melts into my mind.  I see that today, despite where my mind tells me I am on this journey, I need to pause and focus on the horizon.

I need to take time to remember where I am going. I need to remember who I truly am.

Today, I’m looking towards the sun as it sets on the horizon and the beauty that surrounds it.

Today, I’m reflecting upon the life I choose.  The life I have already created purposely with the guidance of my higher power, and the life the is still unwritten.  I reflect on this tremendous gift of life, and as I gaze at the horizon’s sun I see warmth, I see glory, I see effortlessness, I see ease. In that sun I see myself, strong, empowered, and connected.

By looking to the focus of the sun on the horizon, I release the worries of the past. I let go, for a moment, of the burdens on my shoulders.

I choose to release those burdens and step into the person on my horizon who is free of fear.

My choice to focus on the horizon is about training my mind, guiding my thoughts. The monster of the mind wants to bring me into old stories. The monster of my mind wants to tell me how difficult life is, wants to tell me I’m not good enough, it wants to tell me I have to do everything myself. The monster wants to tell me I’m all alone.

But the sun reminds me these are old stories. They creep in from time to time, and yet they are just that, stories. Today, I choose the new story. I choose to focus on the horizon. I choose to see life unencumbered. I choose to remember all of the joy that’s available. Today, I will focus on the freedom that comes from what I see in my horizon, from that beautiful sun before me.

Today, in my hours ahead, as I meet with my fulfillment team and connect with them in their hearts, and I go on to meet with our finance controller to review our budget, and then as I step into the day to deliver training to my entire team, and then finally to connect with my leadership team towards the end of the day, and all the while, I can choose to bring with me either that voice from the past that is filled with fear and anxiety and burdens, or I can focus on the horizon.

I can transport myself into that person on the horizon who already celebrates and feels joy and peace.

And as I move through the moments of my day, and choose to focus on the horizon, I decide to search for breadcrumbs of hope, connection, possibility.

What does this mean for you today?

  • I invite you to consider: how do you appear on your beautiful horizon? See your future self, filled with light and love, and imaging her basking into the sun.  What is the hope and possibility you see unfolding for you in her?
  • What fears has she released and appear no longer present?
  • Absent fear, what possibilities, hopes, and wishes appear?
  • From where does she draw her strength and love?

Today, I invite you to join me in focusing on the horizon, for bringing perhaps more joy, more freedom, more relief, more effortlessness to your sometimes daunting life. May your day be filled with the presence of the light on your horizon.

By Coco Sellman

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