Choose To See Light In Others

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See the Light In Others

Today I choose to see the light in others.

Some days I choose this from a place of fullness and wholeheartedness. Perhaps that’s where you are today. These are days when my heart is full of love, my eyes naturally see good in others, and life feels soft and easy.  With a full heart, it is easy to spill over the perception of beauty and light in others. Reflecting on others as brilliant, capable, and strong is effortless. Whether you are looking at a stranger, a friend, a colleague, a family member, in these moments, it’s not hard to perceive light and brilliance in others.

Other days, I choose to see the light in others as a way of self-protection, as a way of self-care.  Sometimes I choose to see the light in others as a way of giving myself a gift.

Seem strange?  Stay with me on this…

Many of us, myself included, are empaths. Empaths are people who perceive others’ pain, people who feel other’s feelings, needs, and thoughts.  Often times people in helping professions have this heightened state of empathy, which no doubt is a gift, and can also be a great challenge. Perhaps you too are an empath?

I must often remind myself that what I feel in others, while it is a gift, can also be a path of my own self sabotage.  To absorb the feelings and thoughts of others when my internal state is not full, strong, whole, and filled with light, can send me down a negative path of resentment, overwhelm, and ultimately sabotage. For me to be at my best, I need to make sure I take care of my own emotional energy body. I need to make sure my heart is full and light. I must ensure my internal flame has what it needs before I allow myself to take on the feelings and needs of others.

This means that empaths like me need to occasionally take conscious breaks from feeling the emotions and needs of others.  We must resist the need to keep helping, saving, fixing, serving all but ourselves.

We must be disciplined about giving only from fullness, and never from emptiness.

But how do we do this? How do we release the need, and the gift, of feeling others’ needs and pain?  How do we do this without abandoning those we love and those we serve?  How do we maintain appropriate boundaries AND send others in the direction of light, hope, and healing?

One of my methods is to simply choose to see light in others.

I choose to plant the knowing in my mind that everyone has light within them.  Every single person, be in my child, my friend, my husband, or my teammate was born with a connection to a higher power.  Even when they are struggling, I must choose to restore my faith in that light that lives in them.  I can release the narcissistic belief that I can give them light or love or healing.  I must remember that their light lives within them.  Not me.

This choice to see the light in others releases me from any inappropriate and false ideas that I need to be the light for another.

Today, I choose to see the light in others. I choose to trust in the light that lives in each of us.  I choose to see the light and brilliance in every pair of eyes I see.

In hard times, when others’ struggle, this choice can often be a method of self preservation.

It can also be a catalyst for someone else to see they truly are okay.

The mantra I’m breathing today into every face I see is this:  “YOU GOT THIS!” I choose to see your light. I choose to know it is there. I am just another human on this path. I cannot solve your pain, your challenges, your problems. But I can witness your brilliance. I can witness your light. And in doing so, I can restore my own.

Today, I invite you to join me in seeing the light in others.

  • Know that inside them, they are holy.
  • Trust that their wisdom is present for them.
  • Allow space for their brilliance to shine through.
  • Release the need to be right.
  • Release the need for control.

Be open to seeing everyone as brilliant.

With Love,


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  • Denise Donovan


    I do believe that God provides light, and so wisdom is present for everyone.

    • Coco Sellman

      I couldn’t agree more, Denise. 🙂

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