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Today I choose self reverie.

In the practice of Remarkable Care(TM), our mantra at Allumé, we put focus first and foremost on caring for the self.

We believe that delivering Remarkable Care(TM) to others requires a dogged vigilance and commitment to self-care and to self-reverie.

Make no mistake, this isn’t about bragging, boasting, or cockiness, which is often grounded in insecurity and self-deception, this is about recognizing the innate beauty and value living within us all.

This is about owning up to the love and goodness that lives within each of us.

We are all born with a connection to a higher spirit, a creative and natural force within us that allows us to be conscious, present, and creative in this world. Every day as we dip our toe into the world around us, we carry around with us a magnificent internal light that positively affects and bolsters others.

Sometimes our actions are more reflective of that inner light and sometimes they’re more reflective of our fear. Today I  choose to honor the inner light that lives within me and to revere it, to honor it, to cherish it, and to love it.

Today, I choose to humbly behold the light within and choose to align my actions with this light.

As I reflect on my choices and actions from the past, I seek out moments when I was aligned with inner light:

  • I acknowledge myself of those difficult moments with my girls when they are frustrated and angry and demanding or attacking me for my shortcomings, those moments when I choose to take a deep breath and hold the container for a larger perspective of love. I choose to honor myself for days when my husband is frustrated or stressed.
  • I acknowledge myself for moments when I could choose to be frustrated or disappointed by the shortcomings of others, instead, I choose to profoundly accept and love the other.
  • I honor myself for my commitment to my morning routine where I rise early, to make time for myself, get on the treadmill, meditate with my Higher Self, and journal to connect myself to wisdom, fortitude, and awareness of grace.

Today, I acknowledge myself and revere myself for making the time right now to connect with you. This practice of connecting with you is a craving of my soul that won’t leave me.  This act of connecting with you in this way somehow brings me deep and lasting fulfillment.

I acknowledge myself for simply being a human, for waking up in a physical body that has consciousness, has awareness, and has the potential and possibility of doing good, breathing possibility into the community around me.

I acknowledge myself for trying to do my best to make good decisions in my business, in my charitable board responsibilities, in my membership of a community that requires at this moment that we all think of each other.

I invite you today to do the same. I invite you to reflect upon your own goodness. Revere your own grace.

  • Give yourself some time and space to be revered, to be perceived as wholly good, okay, and plenty.
  • Seek affirmation of your own goodness as you move through the day, as you smile at others, as you do your best.
  • When you’re delivering care to others, I hope you feel your own beauty connecting with others.
  • When you’re hard at work on your computer, on a screen, in a spreadsheet, filling out forms, or sending emails, I hope you acknowledge yourself for the progress you are creating.

I hope that every good decision you make in your own self-care and the alignment of your actions with your knowing of what’s best for you comes together, that you celebrate those moments in micro heartfelt ways.

Today, I invite you to join me in simply honoring and revering all the little bits of you that are wonderful.  Remember there are infinite, magnificent bits.

By Coco Sellman

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  • Elaine Wright-Barrett

    Faith the substance of things hope for the evidence of things not seen . There is a light at the end of the tunnel.i will greet the light this day. Elaine Wright Barrett

    • Coco Sellman

      Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss! Well said, Elaine! 🙂

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