Choose To Be Gentle

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Today I choose to be gentle.

I choose to be gentle with myself, gentle with others, gentle with my team, gentle with my family, gentle with my thoughts, gentle even with my prayers.

Today I’m looking for softness, gentleness in every place I can find it. The softness and gentleness of the fabric on my skin, the sweet, gentle softness of sunlight on my cheeks, the glorious silk of my daughter’s beautiful hair, the sweet, gentle smile of our precious Amelia.

Today I release the need to be powerful, to be strong, to be smart, to be educated. I can pick those up again tomorrow, but today I choose simply to be gentle.

I choose to walk gently on the earth, gently on my feet, gently with my body. I will choose gentle food to eat, food that is soft and supple, warm. I choose candlelight to help my soul remember its gentleness, to help my soul surround me, my physical body with light and love. I imagine wrapping myself in a baby blanket like I once did when the girls were young, holding them close and feeding them gentleness. As I step into the day, my heart is open. My mind is soft. I am breezy like a cotton curtain blowing in the wind.

I am gentle like the cat walking along the edge of a window sill.

I am gentle like my grandmother’s voice when I was a child singing me lullabies.

I invite you to join me today in simply being gentle, gentle with your heart, with yourself, with your body.

Be gentle with your patients. Give them the gift of extra loving touch that is gentle.

See your gentleness through a softer gaze rather than watching with harsh judgment.

Fill your soul with soft gentleness. Wear your favorite fuzzy robe. Put on your fuzzy slippers and coast through the day.

As I breathe in my next breath, I invite you to share in the softness and gentleness of the air all around us and wish you a most gentle, loving day.

By Coco Sellman

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