Choose to Heal

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Today, I choose to heal.

Today I choose to look upon myself, and others in the world, as innately perfect. Anywhere I see judgment or criticism lives an opportunity to heal. It is an opportunity to heal myself, to participate in the healing of others, and to hold the space of healing the larger world.

This morning when I asked my higher guides for direction and wisdom, the message was clear: It’s time to heal.

In these days and times, healing is needed. Healing is transformational. Healing is alchemy.

Lately, in my meditations, I’ve been asking for help and guidance to restore my inner light.  I’ve been running hard, focused on the tasks, managing people and projects. My energy feels depleted and drained.  When today I received this simple guidance to heal, it made sense to me.

Like a movie on a screen, my Higher Self showed me all the ways I need to help heal myself:

  • Focus on actions that will bring experiences of light and love
  • Release the need to demand and control
  • Release fear of the unknown
  • Release the need to know how the next month or two months or three months will unfold
  • Trust that my higher guidance will be with me along the journey, and wherever I go, and in all that we are creating together on this planet.

Release it all, so that I can simply focus on healing.

Many years ago when I was studying self-trust (borne out of my fearing belief that I would never be enough), it occurred to me that self-trust is the antidote to this forever unquenchable thirst to be enough. When I was studying self-trust, I stumbled upon alchemy.

Alchemy, for me, is the inner work needed to transform or transmute low energy to something increased in light and love.

Alchemy happens when you take something that is undesirable and move it into something beautiful. It is taking base metals and turning them into gold. It is taking sadness and depression and turning it into forgiveness and absolution. Alchemy is healing.

Alchemy happens when one decides to release the error in one’s thinking. Errored thought is any thought that produces fear, loss, anxiety, etc.  Right thought produces love. Errored thought says that the world is going down the drain, going to hell in a handbasket, never going to replenish or supply itself again.

Alchemy means taking that errored thought and transforming it into new thought. Thoughts that contain hope, wisdom, abundance.

In my own experience, I’ve focused on several different tools for alchemy: forgiveness, empathy, acceptance, and celebration being among them. Those are topics for another day. Again and again, these are the essential tools that have enabled me to move sadness, depression, fear, and anxiety to hope, love, light and plenty.

Today, as I go into my day and I meet with my team and I look at spreadsheets and results and outcomes, and I see metrics that aren’t what I wish, I will choose to look upon them all, and all those who participate in the outcomes with love and healing. Because that is right-mindedness. That is how we restore ourselves to power.

I release the need to judge and to wish that it was different than it is.

I choose to see every single situation as an opportunity to heal and grow and spread love.

I hope you will join me today and see yourself as a healer… a spreader of love…

  • I hope you will see yourself as able to transform your thinking from that of doubt and worry and hopelessness to that of empowerment and holiness and perseverance.
  • When you see your child struggling, perhaps you will look upon her with healing rather than judgment.
  • When you see the socks on the floor that your husband left, perhaps you’ll see him with understanding eyes knowing he’s doing is best.
  • When your team member shows up late and doesn’t follow through, choose the radical act of surrounding them with love and light, choosing to them as perfect and whole just as they are, and with that love in your heart, stumble upon a light-bulb moment for how to support them in having a positive transformation.

I invite you today to heal yourself, to take some time to let new light in. I invite you to hear a voice of wisdom whispering in your ear.  I invite you to join me in healing yourself, those around you, and our larger world, through our simple acts of healing today.

By Coco Sellman

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