Lean Into Love

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Today I choose to lean into love.

I woke up this morning and felt compelled to move right into my day. Feeling strong, starting to sense the inner light within me, the direction and focus that sometimes is easy to find and other days seems completely lost. Today I woke up with a little fire in my belly. That fire reminds me of my responsibilities, reminds me of my creativity, reminds me of part the of my soul that longs to build, adventure, create.

It’s the part of myself that knows it must engage with the world, wants to build a company, wants to surround families with Remarkable Care(TM), wants to support my community at large, wants to help my family, wants to solve problems, wants to elevate all the projects and endeavors that surround me.

Today I feel like a warrior.  I tap into warrior energy and intention to muster courage, ground myself in higher purpose and move powerfully through my day.

Today my light roars as I lean into love.  I bask in the universal love all around us. Even in the midst of fear and uncertainty, I lean into this brighter connection to something bigger than us. It’s moving us along. It seems to live and dwell at the fringes of us right now, surrounding us, but feeling elusive to find and connect and feel in a visceral and powerful way.

So today I choose. I choose to look down into my belly and see that flicker of light, that light that wants to grow and be powerful and strong and do all that it must do in this pupose-driven life. My guidance is telling me to not try, not push, not will the light brighter, but instead to just lean into love, almost passively, allowingly. Just allow light to expand by leaning into love, by leaning into something larger than myself.

Today I will lean into love as I move into my conversations with my employees, my team members, as I step into discussions about marketing, sales, fulfillment, and customer service.

Later today when I deliver training, I will lean into love. Rather than my mind, rather than my will, rather than my intellect, I shall lean into love, allowing my inner light to be sourced through that bigger power.

I bring to mind the those who have loved me so dearly. I think of my grandmother, my mother, my sweet Ella Pearl. I imagine leaning into their love.

I hope that you will join me today as well.

Borrow a flicker of my light and pass it along into your heart…

  • As you enter a patient’s home, may you connect to your heart and lean into love.
  • As you wash the dishes, may you think of the sweet lips that were touching them and lean into their love.
  • And as you wash another towel or pick up another dirty sock, may you lean into love and treasure the wearers of those socks and those forgotten towels.
  • And when you think of your teammates, may you think of them as fellow lights in the world doing.  May you see them as fellow heroes and heroines doing their best.
  • May you think of us all of together surrounding our community with love and care.
  • When you feel frustrated because things aren’t as you wish, I hope you’ll lean into love rather than judgement. May you find solace rather than frustration.
  • And when you are distraught or anxious or in need, may you lean into love and gently ask others for help, ask them for love.

Be well, and I hope that you feel love in your presence all day long.

By Coco Sellman

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