Let Go of the Oars

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Today I choose to let go of the oars.

Maybe 15 years ago, I read for the first time a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks called Ask and It is Given. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. While it might sound strange and overly esoteric, the book presents the teachings of the nonphysical entity Abraham, who helps you learn how to manifest your desires so that you’re living the joyous and fulfilling life you deserve.  I have found tremendous power and healing from this read. In the book, Abraham describes life as a stream and all the good things that we wish for and live in the natural direction and flow of the stream.

So often we humans fight the stream. Our minds play tricks on us. Our fears resist the bounty of the stream. Abraham invites us to willingly get into our boat, which is our life, and as much as we can, Abraham encourages us to “let go of the oars.”

Letting go of the oars means allowing ourselves to simply drift in the direction of the stream.

The stream is life force. It is ease, love, and creativity. It is possibility and synchronicity. It is hope. It is  the people you want to meet but haven’t yet. It is the opportunities on the corner that you haven’t yet been able to see. It is the twists and turns of life, that if you embrace and allow will bring you joy, abundance, and love.

I meditated on this idea of letting go of the oars for many years.

Today I bring back this intention into my awareness, this choice to let go of the oars.

So much of me is afraid.  So much of me wants to deny what is, wants to fight, wants to resist. My fear doesn’t trust the direction of the stream.  My fear worries the stream is carrying me into oblivion, down a rabbit hole of loss. Thus, my frenzied fear response is to paddle fiercely upstream with all my might.  This resistance, this paddling upstream, is to resist the flow of life.  It is to retract from the bounty of what’s possible.

Choosing to let go of the oars today, I allow myself to get into the boat filled with faith intact.  I choose to glance downstream to see the possible beauty awaiting me.

Instead of seeing lack of choice and confinement, I choose to see embracing times with my family.

Instead of seeing frustration for not being able to work directly with my peers, I choose to see the opportunity to give us all inspired space and needed boundaries.

Instead of seeing death and dying, I see regeneration, new ideals, and new growth.

Letting go of the oars helps me see this as a time to reset. It’s a time to choose anew. It’s a time to release all that perhaps wasn’t working before anyway, but because it had become familiar, I’d continued to carry it around.

We are gifted with the opportunity to change.

I invite you to let go of the oars, to surrender your fears, and breathe into possibility.

Together let’s allow the sunlight to reach our cheeks and the life force of the stream to carry us.

Let us let in what is coming anew.

By Coco Sellman

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