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Today, I am choosing to share my vision.

Alumé was born nearly four years ago on June 15th, 2016. Alumé was and is a creation that has been in formation for the last 20 years.  Allumé is the manifestation of decades of learning, planning, growing, and integrating. Creation for me is something highly intentional and spiritually guided while also very grounded in the physical world. When I chose to create Alumé and bring together a group of people to deliver Remarkable Care(TM) to ourselves, to each other, and to our patients, it came from a vision that had been percolating over many, many years.

My dream was to build a business that honored higher principles of inner wisdom, and following smart business best practices, while also creating good in the world around us.  I also always had a hunch that the very act of building a business like this would be a catalyst for my own inner growth and personal evolution.  Together, this has been the longing that lives in the creation of Allumé.

In a sense, Alumé is an experiment of taking the higher wisdom drawn from within, and combining it with world knowledge collected through classrooms, boardrooms, and tough experiences; and combining it with an intention to lead others toward an inspired vision for a better world.

Allumé is a quest for bringing together…

Inner Wisdom

World Knowledge

Elevated Leadership


Inner Wisdom

Seeking out Inner Wisdom began when I experienced an emotional break in college.  I was an endless pit of “not enough.”  It colored every aspect of my life.  The fear of being not enough drove me to a breaking point so low that I had to find a new way forward to survive.  I decided that I could never ever fill up the bottomless pit of my “not enough-ness.”  So I decided instead to imagine what life would be like if the opposite was true.  What if not enough no longer existed? What would be there in its place? The answer came to me like fireworks in the sky with a booming voice in my mind:  “YOU WOULD TRUST YOURSELF.”  I’ve spent every day since listening for my inner voice of wisdom and fiercely committing to follow its course.  This is what I mean by Inner Wisdom, and I will tell you it is as Oprah says, “the one thing I know for sure.”

My vision has been to create a business guided daily by inner wisdom.

World Knowledge

While I am definitely a spiritual person with a deep connection with my inner world and the divine, I am not a buddha on the mountaintop sort-a-gal.  I like the physical world almost as much as I like exploring my inner world.  I like projects, results, outcomes, and SUCCESS.

In the years before the birth of Alumé, I gathered knowledge, skills, and tools along my professional journey. I learned in corporate America, through self-study, and through the school of hard knocks all about business, strategy, organization, planning, marketing, product development, sales, finance, et cetera.  I LOVED the pursuit of knowledge!  Some people love to bake cakes, play guitar, paint canvases, write poetry… and those folks will invest time and money to expand and improve in these pursuits.  I love to learn about business.  And utilizing smart business tools is for me like trying out a new cake recipe with gleeful anticipation of how it will taste.

My vision has been to experience the excitement of pursuing and implementing world knowledge into the formation of a business.


I see myself as am a modern-day alchemist. “Whaaaat?” you might be saying… “What does alchemy have to do with all of this?”  Hear me out… 🙂

No, I’m not mixing lead with strange concoctions in my basement hoping to turn it into gold.

Alchemy is a practice that has fascinated and captured me since I was in my mid-twenties.  Alchemy, by definition, is where you take something of low quality or higher energy and transform it into higher quality or higher energy.  (Think Michelle Obama:  “When they go low, we go high!”) I see myself and the people around me as an energetic beings whose energy could be measured at any time, mostly through the way one feels (angry, sad, happy, content, ecstacy, bliss, etc).

Sometimes I have low energy.  Sometimes I have elevated energy. I believe that through tools that heal, transform, and elevate, I can raise my energy level, or the energy level of any situation, at any moment.  The situation doesn’t have to change, but an influx of light or love into my thinking can completely change the way I see a situation in my life.

  • One minute I am frustrated with my tween daughter
  • After a moment of profound acceptance of who she is (a divine being) and the tremendous teacher she is meant to be in my life (patience, kindness, selflessness)
  • The next minute I see her with loving eyes able to meet the situation with kindness, wisdom, and higher thinking

Alchemy starts as a practice of knowing where your energy is at any moment, seeing how that energy is framing your perspective of your circumstances, and utilizing tools such as forgiveness, empathy, acceptance, and celebration to move one’s energy into a higher vibration, resulting in life appearing different that it did before.

Put in place and used again and again, alchemy actually transforms one’s whole life, not just momentary circumstances.  Alchemy becomes a tool to manage and care for your personal energetic system.  Alchemy has expanded into my life as a virtuous cycle of better energy creating better outcomes… home, relationships, finances, health, etc….

I would assert that alchemy is THE important ingredient missing in business (and in life) today. Without the tools of alchemy, we are stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, confused, and not achieving the results we want.  We are automatons checking boxes, empty of joy.

Remarkable Care(TM), our signature element at Allume, is in fact a form of alchemy.

(More on that another time.)

My vision is to create a successful business infused with the transformative and healing properties of alchemy.

Elevated Leadership

Over the past two decades, I’ve also studied and experimented with what’s needed to move others forward, what is required to create change, what is necessary to bring people along on a journey carrying us all towards a brighter future. I studied and was fascinated by individuals like Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Martin Luther King who had an idea in their minds and somehow were able to inspire others into new belief and action… resulting in better outcomes for all.

I would call that elevated leadership.

Bringing It All Together

Thus, this has been my vision…. to meld my higher wisdom (and that of my team’s), with real-world business practices (collected from books, school, coursework and experience), and an intention to heal myself and others (alchemy), combined with a form of elevated leadership that assumes that caring for others will result in favorable outcomes for the business.

This has been a quiet choice I have been making in the background, an experiment that I’ve been running all along.  And today my inner guidance suggested that I share this directly with you and by doing so, it heals my heart and hopefully, it expands you in some way.

Today I choose to share my vision.

What is your vision?

  • What is the vision and ideals and principles that you’ve been following in your life?
  • What do you want to create?
  • What are your strengths that you would like to bring to the table?
  • Is there a sacred longing of something you’ve been wanting to change or build?
  • What is something you could do today that would start to lead you in the direction of a longing? It could be a simple thing like creating a beautiful dinner. It could be sitting down to write your desires. It could be calling somebody up and telling them about your desire to write a book, form a company, learn how to juggle, serve your patients in a particular way, add a service to the company in which you work, add an offering to the company in which you work…. Just something.

I invite you today to ponder what your vision is and in some small way, give yourself permission to share it, even if it’s just one person that you share it with privately. Give yourself permission to let your patient be known.

By Coco Sellman

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