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PPE Update – 10/28/2020

COVID levels are on the rise in CT, with specific hotspots being Waterbury, Danbury, New Haven, and Hartford.  Please be sure to amp up your vigilance with PPE, infection control, social distancing, and every safety precaution we have up our sleeves.

Now is the time to BE REMARKABLE!

Here are the instructions for personal protective equipment when going out to patients’ homes:

  1. WEAR PPE. At every shift please wear gloves, surgical mask, yellow isolation gown, and protective eyewear at every shift, and at every moment you are in the same room as a patient or anyone else.
  2. GOWNS & APRONS.  When performing aerosol-producing procedures, please also use a disposable apron over the yellow gown.
  3. WASH HANDS. Also, make sure you are washing your hands every 30 minutes with antibacterial soap for 20-seconds (sing ABC’s or Happy Birthday).
  4. CLEAN & DISINFECT.  Be sure to clean and disinfect your workspace, equipment, etc. upon arrival to your shift/visit, right before leaving your shift/visit, and at least every 4 hours in between.

At this time, we do not have any COVID-suspected or COVID-positive patients.  However, if we did, please use the following PPE with COVID-suspected/positive patients:  gloves N95 mask, protective eyewear, yellow isolation gown, and disposable plastic apron with aerosol-producing procedures.

At all times, you should have at least a week’s supply of PPE in your possession.  Should your PPE inventory get below 1 week’s supply, please acquire more PPE immediately in one of the following ways…

  • Call your Ambassador and schedule a time to come pick up a 1-month supply of PPE
  • Check in with your Case Manager to see when s/he might be visiting the home next, and see if s/he could bring you PPE when they come
  • Coordinate with other members of your Care Team to see if anyone else is coming to the office and could collect a 1-month supply PPE for you
  • Contact your Ambassador and problem-solve with them – they can loop in Christine or Marie to come up with a solution with you if needed

Make sure you have soap and cleaning supplies in the home.  Please also make sure you have antibacterial soap and cleaning solutions in the home.  Should the family not have the appropriate products, please collect these items from the office when you request PPE.  If you have an Allume refillable bottle for cleaning solution, hand sanitizer, or antibacterial soap, please bring those to the office to be recycled and reused. THANK YOU!

Should you have any questions, please call the office.  860-417-6881.

Thank you for doing everything you can to keep our patients, families, teammates, and the community safe!

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