Happy Thanksgiving, Team Allumé!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Team Allumé!


Happy Thanksgiving! 

My heart is filled with gratitude for each of you.  Your commitment to patients, families, each other, and our company over these past months has been astounding.  I simply cannot find the words to express my gratitude for you. 

This has been an incredible year of challenge, yet you have persevered, showed up for others, and time after time, done the right thing. 

You’ve sacrificed your own preferences, comforts, and pleasures for a much bigger ideal of duty, safety, and responsibility.  The lengths you go to care for patients, despite the risks to yourself, are humbling to witness. 

Thank you. 

Many of you will report to work tomorrow, serving patients and families despite the holiday for others.  Know how grateful we all are for your extraordinary service.  I hope you will find time to replenish and renew in the days following. 

For everyone else, I hope you find tomorrow to be a day of rest, gratitude, and connection with the probably small, but beloved, group of people with whom you will gather to break bread.  I hope that each of us allows this day of thanksgiving to enter into our hearts, fill us with the light and love we all need to fill up our inner reserves of strength, fortitude, and generosity. 

Love and Gratitude,

  • Ann Wanjohi

    Thank you Coco and wishing you a happy thanksgiving too.

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