Governor Lamont COVID-19 and Vaccine Update- 11/30/20

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Governor Lamont COVID-19 Update 11-30-2020

Governor’s Update:

  • Metrics- The positivity rate is 4.4% since Friday. There were 81 hospitalizations and 59 fatalities over the weekend. Current COVID-19 ICU bed utilization is at 37% of total hospital beds.
  • Economic Metrics- The governor identified several economic metrics.
    • A review of OpenTable reservation platform in Connecticut has shown that restaurants are down 18% (October 2019 v. October 2020) and 43% (November 2019 v. November 2020).
    • Retail was down about 50% for Black Friday sales compared to last year.
  • Physicians Urge Further Restrictions- Several Connecticut physicians are urging Governor Lamont to immediately close down gyms, prohibit indoor dining and ban all unnecessary gatherings. The governor reiterated that he does not plan to impose further restrictions, such as gym closures or a ban on indoor dining. He stated that he does not want to govern “by fiat” and instead urges personal responsibility.
  • Vaccinations- Connecticut could receive its first distribution of 20,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine likely by December 14th and the second distribution of 20,000 to follow a week later from Moderna. These will be allocated to essential workers and first responders.
  • Public School Updates- Dr. Fran Rabinowitz from the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents reported that if schools do need to close, it will be largely attributable to insufficient staff levels. She suggested that the Step Up CT program would enable schools to fill staffing gaps with volunteers.
    • In response to a question, the governor noted that hospitalization rates will likely be the threshold metric for school closures, but declined to comment on what that threshold would be.
    • Students have been very adaptable in wearing masks and following the rules, which explains why they have not been a major source of outbreaks. The concern is with teachers and staff who are more susceptible to COVID-19.
    • The CDC guideline of 14-day self-quarantine will remain in effect for any student, teacher, or staff that tests positive or comes into contact with a COVID-positive individual.
    • Tens of thousands of Binex tests are distributed to schools every week.
  • Budget and Rainy Day Fund- In response to a question, the governor replied that he is not going to reopen business sectors in order to increase revenue when a pandemic is not under control. His team is looking at how the Rainy Day Fund can be used to respond to crises in the absence of additional federal stimulus funding.

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