Governor Lamont COVID-19 and Vaccine Update- 12/3/20

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Governor’s Update:

    • Metrics- The positivity rate is at 7.13%. There was a net reduction of 11 hospitalizations and 20 fatalities in the last 24 hours.
    • Red Alert Towns- There are currently 160 towns out of 169 that are on red alert status with 15+ or more positive cases per 100,000 residents.
    • Governor’s Vaccine Advisory Group- This group is preparing the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. The governor reviewed the timeline, which is set forth below:

  • Phase 1A- First to Receive Vaccine- Following the CDC guidelines, Connecticut’s vaccine distribution plan Phase 1A will include:
    • Healthcare workers- 204,000 healthcare workers will be among the first to receive the vaccine. (This will include workers in long-term care facilities).
    • Nursing Home Residents- 22,000 nursing home residents who are most at risk for serious outcomes and death will receive the vaccine in the initial distribution.
    • Medical First Responders- 6,000 medical first responders will also be part of Phase 1A.
  • Vaccine Distribution- The governor reported that the following vaccine distribution timeline will be implemented for Phase 1A, which is subject to change. This timeline is set forth below.

  • Phase 1B- The Second Cohort to Receive Vaccines- The second group in Phase 1B, include:
    • Critical Workforce
    • Other Congregate Settings
    • Adults 65+
    • High risk under 65
  • Phase 2- The Last Cohort to Receive Vaccines- The third group in Phase 2, include:
    • Under 18
    • Remaining residents over 18.
  • New CDC Quarantine Guidelines- If exposed to someone who is COVID positive, the following guidelines have been established:
    • 14 days is still preferred for high risk situations.
    • 10 days if there are no symptoms.
    • 7 days with no symptoms and negative PCR test.
  • Vaccine Distribution Logistics- Acting Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Deidre Gifford reported that the federal government will be handling the delivery logistics to state designated locations and partner organizations like CVS and Walgreens.
    • The state will direct the federal partners where such vaccines should be shipped and control the logistics from that point forward.
  • Relaxation of Mitigation Strategies Timeline- Dr. Gifford explained that the state does not anticipate complete vaccination adoption statewide. Moreover, there still remain questions as to efficacy over the long-term that will need to be evaluated. Further guidance on relaxing mitigation strategies will be released as more details become clear.
  • Cost of Vaccine Distribution- In response to a question, the governor replied that the federal government is handling the purchasing and distribution to state entities. There are a lot of different components to the logistical process, which make estimating the total cost to the state difficult at this time.
    • The vaccines will be available to everyone free of cost.
    • Vaccinators will be able to bill insurance for healthcare administration costs.
  • Potential for Additional PPP Funding- In response to a question, the governor replied that the federal government will need to take action on additional PPP funding.
  • Potential for Business Tax Relief- In response to a question on providing businesses with tax relief, the governor replied that they will need to be engaging with municipal leaders to determine whether such an action is financially viable for the state.
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave- In response to a question on whether to delay payroll reductions for the state PFML program, the governor replied that now more than ever, paid family and medical leave is particularly important.

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