Governor Lamont COVID-19 and Vaccine Update- 12/10/20

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Governor’s Update:

  • Metrics- The positivity rate is 6.63%. There was a net reduction of 48 hospitalizations. There were 42 fatalities since yesterday.
  • Potential for the Extension of Emergency Powers- In response to a question, the governor replied that with the legislature back in session, the hope is that the state can transition to a more normal course of action, but it is too early to say.
  • Teachers Call for Statewide Safety Standards- In response to a question on a call for statewide safety standards, the governor replied that superintendents, and teachers’ union leadership were included as part of the Reopen CT process. Their concerns were addressed in the planning process. While there may be outliers, the State Department of Education is working to address them as quickly as possible.
  • Potential for Rollback to Phase 1- In response to a question on the likelihood of rolling back to phase 1 restrictions, the governor replied that he thinks it will be different this time. The state will be looking at the metrics and will have more information in a few weeks.
  • CT Bond Ratings Affirmed- The governor gave an update on the state’s bond ratings.
    • Moody’s, S&P, Fitch, and Kroll affirmed CT credit rating and stable outlooks.
    • Budget Reserve Fund is strong.
    • Strong and measured financial leadership.
    • 13 states downgraded due to COVID-19 impacts.
  • Department of Consumer Protection Update- DCP Commissioner Michelle Seagull reported that most businesses are following the rules, but there are businesses that have been hosting large events and/or not following the rules.
    • Commissioner Seagull reported that a third liquor permit was suspended because they had more than one hundred people on a dance floor without social distancing or masks being worn. This most recent suspension was in Hamden.
    • In response to a question on threshold issue for suspending liquor licenses, Commissioner Seagull replied that the Department has had referrals from local law enforcement and local public health departments. In those instances, an investigative report has been provided.
      • Ordinary citizens can notify the Department of Consumer Protection or if it is an ongoing event, local citizens should notify their local law enforcement.
    • In response to a question, the governor did not appear to know of an instance in which a business was fined $10,000 for violations.

Vaccine Update:

  • Vaccine Schedule- The following schedule outlines the short-term events relating to vaccine planning and distribution:

  • Phase 1A- Week 1 Vaccine Distribution- The following graphic provides an overview of how vaccines will be distributed in the first week of distribution:


  • Phase 1A Vaccine Distribution Breakdown- In response to a question on how many doses will be delivered and how that delivery will be broken down, State Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe replied that the state anticipates receiving 32,000 doses and will be splitting them equally between healthcare facilities including hospitals and CVS/Walgreens who will be taking them into nursing homes.
    • Vaccination paperwork will be distributed as part of the vaccination process. There is an extensive registration process to track who has received a vaccination and when a second dose needs to be administered.
    • In response to a question on large-scale vaccine distribution sites, Josh Geballe replied that the Department of Public Health has been working on enrolling additional providers in the vaccination program. Vaccine clinics will be located at federally qualified health centers, local health departments, pharmacies in addition to CVS and Walgreens, and larger healthcare systems are beginning to scale up for administration to the broader community following the initial vaccination phases.
  • Vaccine Supplies- In response to a question on vaccine supplies levels, Josh Geballe replied that they have not received any indication that manufacturers will not be able to scale up to supply the capacity in the coming months.
    • In addition to Pfizer and Moderna, AstraZeneca is working to receive authorization on their vaccine.
  • Vaccination Utilization Rates- 240,000 Phase 1A individuals are expected to be fully vaccinated by the end of January.
    • The federal advisory board has not made recommendations on subgroup prioritization in Phase 1B.
  • Vaccination Data Tracking- In response to vaccination data tracking and its public availability, Josh Geballe replied that there are two systems that will be used for vaccination tracking:
    • There is a state vaccination database that some hospitals are already integrated and
    • There is a federal vaccination database.
    • The Administration plans to report on these metrics once vaccine administration achieves scale.

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