Governor Lamont COVID-19 and Vaccine Update- 1/4/2021

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Governor Lamont held a press conference to give an update on the state’s COVID-19 response efforts. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro was a guest to provide an update on the federal government.

Governor’s Update:

  • Metrics- The positivity rate is at 5.29%. There were 55 hospitalizations and 69 fatalities since Saturday.
  • Vaccine Update- Connecticut is one of the first 8 states to vaccinate more than 2% of its population.
    • There were 75,180 doses administered.
    • On track to complete 100% of nursing homes 1st vaccine dosage by Friday. This includes residents and staff.
    • Assisted living facility clinics start today.
    • Over 85 sites administering vaccinations.
    • Just-in-time inventory management.
    • 2nd doses will also start today.
    • Additional details on the COVID-19 vaccine process in Connecticut can be accessed at
    • Public Health Guidance to Control Vaccine Administration- In response to a question from a reporter on what the state’s timeline is for authorizations for healthcare systems and pharmacies who can administer vaccines, the governor replied that they should expect to see that in the next 2-3 weeks. Currently trying to learn that up right now and hope to have those in phase 1B administered in the next 2-3 weeks.
    • The governor expressed concerns that will hinder the state effort, including:
      • Hope to have all first tier workers, healthcare and nursing homes have their vaccine by late January and that’s how we start moving into H1B as well.
      • Getting the next phase of workers depends on the supply line and would like to see it done by the end of spring.
      • Congresswoman DeLauro says there will be weekly allocations of vaccines.
  • Vaccine- What Comes Next?
    • Allocation Committee meets tomorrow on Phase 1B.
    • CT Phase 1B Process-
      • Online & phone reservations.
      • Subgroups added to match Federal vaccine supply.
      • Expansive network of vaccination sites.
    • Specific guidance will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • Back to School- Kids are beginning to go back to school today and next week.
    • More students likely to be learning in the classroom than remote learning.
    • Kids with disabilities are at a disadvantage when remote learning.
    • School funding:
      • $492 million for K-12.
      • $225 million for higher education.
      • $28.1 million for the governors’ fund.
    • Keeping schools remote or in person is up to local districts.
  • Federal Relief- Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro gave an update on federal relief. She reported:
    • $600 tax credit for everyone + $600 per child.
    • $46 million for vaccine distribution.
    • $205 million in testing and tracing funding.
    • Unemployment insurance programs extended until March 14th.
    • Extending PUA and the PEUC by almost 3 months.
    • Provides $2B to maintain paid leave option and restore the enhanced insurance employment bump for all workers who are receiving unemployment benefits.
    • $284 billion dedicated for very small businesses using community-based lenders and making changes to support the smallest businesses, struggling non-profits and independent restaurants.
    • Food stamp budget increased by 15% to $13 billion in emergency food assistance.
  • State Senator Leone to Join Department of Transportation- When asked a question regarding Senator Leone becoming a special adviser and what his role will be, the governor replied that he wants to make sure that Connecticut is able to respond to transportation infrastructure remediation and development efforts and State Senator Leone will be well placed to assist that effort.

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