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(Supplied by the Connecticut Association For Healthcare at Home (CAHCH))

 Department of Public Health Provides The Facts About The Vaccine

 DPH Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine (1-18-21)

COVID-19 Vaccine in Connecticut

This resource provides the facts about eligibility, access, and support to help you get vaccinated against COVID-19. Connecticut is currently in Phase 1b of our statewide rollout plan.  

Vaccine Education Toolkit for Employers of Essential Workers

In some states, essential workers already have access to vaccines to help protect them against COVID-19. These vaccines will be available to essential workers across the nation soon. CDC has provided a toolkit to help employers educate their essential workers about this important new prevention tool.

Vaccine Education Toolkit for Community-Based Organizations

Soon the communities you serve will have access to vaccines to help protect against COVID-19. CDC has designed a toolkit to help community-based organizations (CBOs) educate communities about this important new prevention tool.

Communicators Guide To Vaccine Communication

The Institute for Public Relations has launched A Communicator’s Guide to Vaccine Communications that features nearly 30 contributors and more than 100 research articles about these topics and more, along with the IPR Vaccine Communication Resource Center.

Ad Council: Vaccine Education Initiative

The Ad Council is offering the following education resources to promote vaccination in our communities:

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