Social Workers Step Up for Home Health Medicaid Coverage

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This past Thursday, March 11, 2021, the Human Services Committee hosted a public hearing that went deep into the night. One of the bills to be heard was  S.B. No. 957 (RAISED) AN ACT EXPANDING ACCESS TO IN-HOME COUNSELING , a bill looking to enact Medicaid coverage for Social Work visits by home health Social Workers.

Several Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home (CAHCH) Social Work members came forward to testify virtually in support of this important need in the community, a need that was present long before the COVID pandemic but needed now more than ever.

Click on the testimony links below to read the providers’ support.

Sarah Buccino Testimony

RBamber Testimony

SOwens Testimony

TWodatch Testimony

VWebb Testimony

RTamsin Testimony


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