Governor Lamont COVID-19 and Vaccine Update- 5/3/2021

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Governor Lamont held a press conference on May 10, 2021, on the state’s response efforts to COVID-19.

Governor Lamont held a press conference on the state’s response efforts to COVID-19. The Governor was joined by Chief of Staff Paul Mounds, Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe, the President of Intercommunity Healthcare Kimberly Beauregard, Jackie Santiago from Compass Youth Collaborative, and Jeremy Stein from CT Against Gun Violence.

COVID-19 Metrics:  The positivity rate is at 1.78 percent, hospitalizations are trending down and there have been 8,112 COVID-related fatalities.

Vaccine Update: A total of 3,192,560 doses have been administered and 1,393,894 individuals have been fully vaccinated. In addition, $13 million dollars is being provided to support local vaccination programs.

  • 69% of adults in Connecticut have received their first dose.
  • Connecticut is the first state in the nation to vaccinate 50% of adults 18 and older.

Executive Orders: The Governor will be extending the Executive Order for an indoor mask mandate.

Addressing The Mental Health Crisis: The Administration has proposed allocating federal funding to address the mental health crisis throughout Connecticut. The proposal would allocate $20 million dollars over a two-year period. The funds would be utilized to provide 24/7 access to mobile crisis response teams, psychiatric consultation to primary care providers, telehealth and virtual recovery support, and creating a crisis stabilization center.

Addressing Gun Violence: The Administration has proposed investing $3 million dollars over a two-year period to address gun violence throughout the state. The proposed funding will be incorporated into existing state and federal investments.

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