Governor Lamont COVID-19 and Vaccine Update- 5/10/2021

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Governor Lamont held a press conference on May 10, 2021, on the state’s response efforts to COVID-19.

The Governor was joined by Chief of Staff Paul Mounds, Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe, Acting Commissioner Charlene Russell Tucker from the State Department of Education, Mark Nemec the President of Fairfield University, and Terrence Cheng the Incoming President of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities.

COVID-19 Metrics: The positivity rate is 1.41 percent, and hospitalizations are the lowest in 7 months and there have been 8,154 COVID-related fatalities.

Vaccine Update:  A total of 3,414,728 doses have been administered, with 1,563,845 individuals fully vaccinated.

Breakdown by age:

  • 71% of adults 18 and older have been vaccinated with their first dose.
  • 80% of adults 45 and older have been vaccinated with their first dose.
  • 92% of adults 65 and older have been vaccinated with their first dose.
  • 50% of adolescents aged 16 & 17 have been vaccinated with their first dose.

Additionally, the Administration is prepared for the possibility of an FDA COVID-19 vaccine authorization for adolescents aged 12 to 15.

Federal Funds: Over $800 million dollars in proposed investments from the American Rescue Plan to accelerate re-employment, upskilling, and job creation. Investments will be made in child care, workforce development, summer enrichment programs, need-based scholarships, debt-free community college, and the CT future fund.

Nursing Home Strikes: The Administration has put together an aggressive package for nursing home workers to avoid a potential strike this Friday. The package includes Medicaid rate increases, a 10 percent increase for nursing homes, increases in pay and combat pay for nurses, as well as a pension and discounted daycare.

In response to a question regarding the nursing home industry Governor Lamont stated: “People are asking us to prop up an industry that is going through a real transition right now. There were a lot of vacancies in the nursing home before COVID and there are a lot more vacancies now after COVID.  We are finding the true-up, we are giving an extra 10 percent for say 10 months, and let’s see what the norm looks like, more people may be doing home healthcare in the future and we’re going to make sure we have an industry that reflects that.”

CT College Corps: A program is being launched that will recruit college students to work at K-12 summer enrichment programs. CT College Corps will employ up to 500 Connecticut college students with a stipend of $4,500 dollars.

Remote Learning: The State Department of Education is currently working on putting out guidance for remote learning for the upcoming school year. They hope to release remote learning guidance to districts within the next month or so.

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