Virtual Town Hall – July 8, 2021

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Team Allume!

Click here to view the Virtual Town Hall Recording from July 8, 2021!

Learn more about the advocacy our Leadership Team has been doing to support home health patients, families, and nurses.  Find out quick and impactful ways you can make a difference.


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Advocacy & Action!

Team Allumé!

I am asking you to PLEASE TAKE ACTION and ADVOCATE for home health patients, nurses, and families.

Three things to do:

#1 – Email the Governor’s office

Simply send an email to Jonathan Harris who works in the Governor’s office.  His email address is

I’ve crafted an email template for you below.

#2 – Email your state representative and state senator

To find out who your state legislators are go to

  • Type in your Town, Street Name, and house/building number
  • Click find
  • Your state legislators will be listed
  • Click on their name and you will be taken to their website
  • Click on “Contact Me” on their website and send them an email (an example is below).



Alternatively, you can email me at and ask me for the direct email address of your representatives.  I will look her/him for you and give you their direct email address.


#3 – Email me at and let me know you did it! 😊


Email to send to Jonathan Harris who works for Governor Lamont and to your state legislators.

==================TEMPLATE EMAIL======================




I am a nurse who lives in [INSERT TOWN] and provides continuous skilled nursing with a medically complex child at home.


My agency, Allumé Home Care, wants to bring more patients home from the hospital, but can’t because we cannot recruit the nurses needed to support them.


Please encourage Governor Lamont to advocate for the proposal presented by the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home to DSS and OPM allowing home health to use dollars available from the American Rescue Fund so we can recruit more nurses.  There is an extra 10% federal match specifically for home and community based services that has to be claimed by July 12th.


It would be a shame to not use these dollars allocated by the federal government! Why would we let these needed funds go to waste?


The work I do is just as important as the work a nurse does in skilled nursing facilities and group homes.  You gave them a 10% Medicaid rate increase.  Please give a 10% increase to home health as well.  Nurses like me, and the patients I serve, deserve it.


Best Regards,





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