Our Name

The word Allumé, pronounced “ah-LEW-may,” is a French word that means “lit from within.” Thus our intent is to bring light wherever we go.

Allumé Key to Success

Customer engagement and satisfaction results from employee engagement and satisfaction.

Allumé Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose is the reason we exist. The fundamental function we seek to fulfill as a company. Our Core Purpose is to surround individuals, families, employees, and communities with Remarkable Care.

Allumé Mission

Our Mission is what we strive to do each and every day. The work we do. Our basic job. Our Mission is to gather, nurture, develop, and match people who love caring for others with families who need them.

Allumé Core Values

Our Core Values are extremely important to us. They articulate what we believe is most important to embody, individually and collectively, as a company. These words have been carefully chosen by our team.

  • Remarkable Care. We take great care in everything we do. We are impeccable in how we care for others, ourselves, and our community.
  • Highest Standards. We are collectively and personally compelled to do the best & right thing, all the time. No exceptions, no excuses, just a commitment to find a way and do it right.
  • Meeting Unspoken Needs. Beyond what is asked for, we seek to understand and respectfully honor others’ wants, needs, and preferences. We want to convey that Allumé cares about you.
  • Learning & Growing. We are passionately engaged in doing and learning new things that continuously produce better outcomes for others & ourselves.
  • Worthy of Trust. Our gold standard is to earn and deserve your trust. By being honest, dependable & respectful, we communicate that it is safe to rely, believe, and trust in us.
  • Wise Community. We are connectors, community-builders, and advocates of people we care about. We build wise communities to share, connect, innovate, and learn together.
  • Enduring Strength & Sustainability. We bring enduring strength and sustainability for our employees, patients, families, communities, & shareholders.


Why Allumé?

Why do clients, patients, and employees choose Allumé?

  1. We mindfully choose our Care Providers through the Allumé 6-Step Selection Process to find people who genuinely love caring for others.
  2. We take Remarkable Care of our team. And when our team feels cared for, they provide the best care possible to clients and patients.
  3. We strive to be the most coveted place to work in home care in Connecticut. And that attracts the best Care Providers out there.
  4. When an Allumé Care Provider arrives at a patient or client’s home, they bring the skills, passion, and mindset to deliver Remarkable Care to families.


Allumé Care Providers Are Remarkable.

  • Skill. Our Care Providers are provided a training path that allows them to certify in new skills continuously.
  • Reliability. Our training program provides a vigorous path for Care Providers to dive deep into serving clients and patients with specific needs, which enables them to bring nuance, skills, tools, resources, community, and understanding to the people they provide care.
  • Experience. We look for Care Providers who genuinely love caring for others. People who truly care, will go the extra mile, and will seek to meet both the spoken and unspoken needs of clients, patients, and families.


6-Step Selection Process.

We invest substantial time, energy, and money into selecting members of our team. We believe our Care Providers are our most treasured assets, and thus it is essential to ensure those who are part of the team are a good fit.
More than anything else, we look for people who genuinely love caring for others.
Being a Remarkable Care Provider is not a job. It’s a calling. Our 6-Step Selection Process is intended to flush out only the very best.
We want members of Team Allumé to feel they are part of something special. Something meaningful. Something right and good at its core. Thus selecting the members of our team is one of our most important functions.

  1. Outreach. Cast a wide net to bring in a large candidate pool.
  2. Application. Invite care providers to apply to be on our team.
  3. Experience. Discover skills, abilities, and reliability.
  4. Culture. Do they demonstrate our Core Values?
  5. Remarkable Care. Scenarios that test for nuanced impeccability.
  6. Passion Test. Is caring really their life purpose?