Our desire is to be the #1 preferred home care employer by people who genuinely love caring for others!

Find a Rewarding Career as a Care Provider with Allumé Home Care

Whether you’re already a Care Provider or you’d like to train and build a new career in caring, Allumé needs you. We offer a variety of positions to match varying levels of experience.

The Allumé Promise

  1. We vow to create a work environment where our team feels cherished, respected, valued, and deeply cared for.
  2. We are committed to attracting, nurturing, engaging, and retaining the very best Care Providers (those who genuinely love caring for others).
  3. We cultivate a collaborative team invested in helping each other shine.
  4. We promise to provide Remarkable Care to our employees by listening – again and again – to their thoughts, ideas, needs, wants, and preferences.

Allumé Care Providers Are Remarkable

Skill. We provide you opportunities to continue to learn and grow. Our Care Providers are provided a training path that allows them to certify in new skills continuously, giving you the opportunity to receive wage increases every six months.

Reliability. Our training program provides a vigorous path for Care Providers to dive deep into serving clients and patients with specific needs, which enables you to bring nuance, skills, tools, resources, community, and understanding to the people you provide care.

Experience. We look for Care Providers who genuinely love caring for others. People who truly care, will go the extra mile, and will seek to meet both the spoken and unspoken needs of clients, patients, and families.

Allumé Surrounds You With Remarkable Care

Remarkable Care isn’t just for our patients and clients. Actually, Remarkable Care itself was first conceptualized as something to be given to employees. Remember, our name, Allumé means “lit from within.” Thus our entire care philosophy begins first with the Care Provider being a person filled with light – a person able to offer that light to others.

Thus, it is our belief that by providing Remarkable Care to our employees, they will feel lit from within. And that experience will be both deeply gratifying and fulfilling to the Care Provider, and also serve to deliver a profound level of care to the patients, clients, families, and communities we serve.

Allumé is always looking for bright, committed, and exemplary providers of care.

Join Team Allumé

  1. Does Allumé sound like the kind of place you’d like to work?
  2. Do you genuinely love caring for others?
  3. Do you feel it is your purpose on this planet to be a Care Provider?
  4. Do you want to be a part of a committed team of people who also genuinely care about others?
  5. Do you long to make a meaningful impact in others’ lives?
  6. Are you intrigued and inspired about learning and growing every day?
  7. Would you love working for a company who puts employees first?

If the idea of Allumé is intriguing to you, please reach out to us today at info@allumecares.com and tell us you would like to explore opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you!