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We’re looking to connect with excellent, caring RNs and LPNs who genuinely love caring for others.
  • MEET – Meet virtually with members of the Allumé team and learn about our unique culture:
    • Team-First Culture
    • Earn-What-You-Choose Compensation
    • Allumé Continuous Care Training Program
    • Allumé Career Advancement
    • Benefits – healthcare, paid-time-off, success bonuses and more
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Discover the specific opportunities we have available offering case management, continuous care shifts, and home health aide shifts in the Central, Southern, and Western Connecticut area.
  • INTERVIEW – We will have our interview team on hand so that you can move through our interview process while you attend, saving you time and energy.
  • HIRE – We aim to move you through the process and make most hiring decisions with 24-hours.
Nurses that are hired are eligible for a Signing Bonus up to $1000.

Hear what current team members have to say about their experience working at Allume.

  • Allumé is the first agency that I have worked for that actually believes that “Employees Are Our Greatest Strength.

    Christine Schmidlin
    Christine Schmidlin
  • I like to work at Allumé because everyone is kind. I like the feeling of team work distributed by the whole staff.

    Wendy Perez
    Wendy Perez
  • I have found my second home! At Allumé I feel valued and appreciated. Our team has helped me to grow, learn and better my professional nursing practice. I love being part of a team that is committed to patient care and to each other. We work hard, but also have fun all while providing excellent care. What a Remarkable place to work!

    Stefanie Audia
    Stefanie Audia

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30+ nursing & home health aide opportunities available:

  • Clinical Care Managers
  • Continuous Care Shift Nursing
  • Home Health Aide Services


Learn more about…

  • Earn-What-You-Choose Compensation Program
  • Complex Continuous Care Nursing
  • Allumé Ongoing Training Program
  • Nurse Perks

At your interview, you will find answers to these questions:

  1. What is different about working with Allumé?
  2. What are the unique perks & benefits?
  3. What new skills can I expect to learn right away?
  4. What is the career advancement path?
  5. What is the path for increasing compensation?
  6. What is the onboarding & training process?
  7. How can Allumé ensure ongoing job security for me?

Signing Bonuses Up to $1000!

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Some other things you may be interested in.

Allumé is a home health agency serving Central & Western Connecticut.

Why do clients, patients, and employees choose Allumé?

  • We take Remarkable Care of our team. And when our team feels cared for, they provided the best care possible to clients and patients.
  • We strive to be the most coveted place to work in home care in Connecticut. And that attracts the best Care Providers out there.
  • We mindfully choose our Care Providers to find people who genuinely love caring for others.
  • When an Allumé Care Provider arrives at a patient or client’s home, they bring the skills, passion, and mindset to deliver Remarkable Care to families.