Allumé celebrates and cherishes the ability in all people. Our Special Needs Care Services bring opportunity, direction, support, and care to children and adults with special needs.


Special Needs Care–Adults

Whether your loved one needs around the clock care or a few hours a week, we can provide the assistance needed to ensure safety, well-being, social activity, personal fulfillment, and life enrichment.


Special Needs Care – Children

When you have a child with special needs, we know how difficult it is for you to find care you can trust. We specialize in children with autism, cerebral palsy, medical fragility, neurological disorders, and more.


Transition Beyond High School

Starting as early as age 14, we can help you think about the future livelihood of your loved one, as they grow past school-age, and into adulthood. We help plan the services, funding, support, education, daily living, work, and social aspects of their life.


Case Management

Allumé can help find available services and coordinate providers and funding, so that your loved one gets the best possible care. Leveraging our in-house knowledge of services available, we can bring the best care possible to those with special needs.



Getting your loved one to and from appointments, activities, and services can often be the most frustrating aspect of coordinating their care. We are here to make sure a trained Allumé Care Provider can transport your loved one, wait for them if needed, and ensure they are safe and cared for.


Respite Care

A skilled and loving Care Provider relieves the family caregiver, on a regular or continuous basis. Whether you need a visit to the gym, time to pay your taxes, an evening to yourself or a visit of your own to the doctor, we can support you in supporting the person you love.