Allumé Home Health (operating under Allume Home Health, LLC) surrounds families with remarkable care. We are a licensed and accredited Connecticut home health agency.

Our goal is to provide skilled medical services, including nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and social work. In addition to typical skilled visits, we specialize in complex & continuous, long-term care for children and adults with complex, high-tech medical needs. We bring families in Western Connecticut kind, caring support 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Our mission is to gather, nurture, develop, and match people who love caring for others, with families who need them.

We understand that caring for people is complex. And we believe that the only way to do it is with focus, creativity, curiosity, diligence and commitment. We focus only on areas of care where we can be truly remarkable.

  • Highly-trained staff with experience in these areas
  • Rigorous ongoing training program.
  • Curated Models of CareTM that improve outcomes, anticipate needs and challenges and offer pre-built solutions that can be customized for each patient.
  • Reduce days in hospital and re-admissions
  • Higher-quality of coordination with patient’s other doctors and providers

We accept payment from Medicare, Medicaid, private pay, and some private insurance.   To see if we can accept your insurance, reach out to us directly, as our aim is to serve any and every family we can.



If your loved one is recovering from an injury or illness, or has an ongoing condition which requires continuous medical care, Allumé is here to surround you with experienced, trained, and caring Nurses to support your loved one at home.


Allumé provides OT, PT, speech, dietary, and social work services, which are essential when recovering from an injury, rehabilitating from surgery, or with ongoing chronic conditions which affect every area of life


Areas of Curated Focus

A distinguishing aspect of Allumé, is the way we focus and specialize on certain populations to develop care models which are innovative and thoughtful. We specialize in Complex, Continuous Care, Wound Care, and Congestive Heart Failure.