What is Curated Focus?

A distinguishing aspect of Allumé, is the way we focus and specialize on certain populations to develop care models which are innovative and thoughtful. This gives us the ability to surround clients, patients, and families with complex challenges with truly noteworthy solutions, experienced Care Teams, and unparalleled service – because we understand these areas of need so well.

How We Use Curated Focus™?

  1. We select a very short list of areas in which we specialize. These are our areas of Curated Focus™. We look for populations and areas of care that fit these three criteria:
    The population or area of care is somehow underserved
    There a clear need for innovation
    We have the skills, people, and resources to be remarkable
  2. We apply Informed Innovation™, where we study and develop care models, efficacy systems, technology integration, and Care Provider training programs to bring remarkable care to our patients.
  3. We share what we learn through Wise Community™. In other words, we bring our focus and innovation to the communities we serve. And at the same time, we listen from within each community for feedback, ideas, added innovation, and wisdom.

We apply this 3-step process to each area of Curated Focus™ to build innovative models of care which encompass every aspect of the populations we serve. We bring together the very best from multiple disciplines, and we leverage technology to build programs that ultimately deliver the best possible outcomes for you or a loved one. This is really what we mean by Remarkable Care.

Our Areas of Curated Focus™:


Complex, Continuous Care

Sharing life with a loved one with complex medical needs is not easy. Whether a parent, a spouse, or an adult child, when someone we love is suffering, life is hard. Allumé provides the support and skilled care families need to keep the ones they care about most about out of the hospital or long-term care facility.


Congestive Heart Failurec

Allumé provides support to individuals with congestive heart failure in living life to its fullest despite a challenging diagnosis. Although it is impossible to reverse congestive heart failure once it has been diagnosed, its progression can be managed, even slowed with proper care and simple lifestyle changes.


Wound Care

For individuals with a compromised ability to heal—whether from diabetes or a variety of vascular disorders—wound care is extremely important. Complications are common, debilitating, and often require lengthy stays in a hospital or long-term care center. Allumé Care Providers bring remarkable care home to you.