If your loved one is recovering from an injury or illness, or has an ongoing condition which requires continuous medical care, Allumé is here to surround you with experienced, trained, and caring Nurses to support your loved one at home.

Our LPNs, RNs, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Certified Home Health Aides provide services on an intermittent, private duty, or hourly basis.

Our highly skilled medical team will support you with:

Skilled Nursing Visits

Allumé surrounds patients and families with remarkable care, so you can feel better and get back to being you sooner. If you or a loved one is recovering from an illness or injury, skilled nursing care may be needed.  Allumé is here to provide gentle, trusted care. A skilled nursing visit initiates and completes a professional nursing task to meet an assessed need in a person’s home. A skilled nursing visit can include the following services:

  • Hands-on nursing care for you or your loved one
  • Health care training for you or your loved one and  your family
  • Observation and assessment of the physical status and well-being of a patient to ensure healing and recovery is taking place

Nursing visits are generally 30 to 90-minutes, depending on the purpose of the visit and the status of the patient.  Benefit of Nursing Visits:

  • Nursing visits are an important step in the safe and successful transition of a patient from a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation facility back home
  • Nursing visits allow patients to heal and recover at home, versus the costly and less comfortable environment of a hospital or long-term care facility
  • Nursing visits enable coordination and communication with a patient’s doctors and therapists to ensure healing and recovery is occurring in the expected way
  • Nursing visits identify issues or problems early, while there are still opportunities to coordinate with doctors and therapists to take corrective measures that keep a patient’s condition from declining and requiring re-admittance to the hospital

Intermittent Nursing Care.

At Allumé, we seek to surround patients with remarkable care which meets your specific needs. Intermittent Nursing Care enables us to meet not only short, skilled nursing visits, and ongoing, robust continuous care, but also the in-between needs referred to as Intermittent Nursing Care.

What is Intermittent Nursing Care? Intermittent nursing care applies when there is a predictable, recurring need for nursing services which require less than 8 hours to administer, and happen less than 7 days per week.  This kind of care is generally for someone with an ongoing or chronic condition.  Allumé nurses are able to fill in where needed.

Private Duty Nursing

When you feel your loved one needs the next level of care, we can support you with the highest quality nurses and Care Providers.

When a non-medical caregiver isn’t enough, you may prefer to work with one of our highly skilled and trained nurses. Whether it is a short-term need to support a transition home or a longer-term situation, Allumé is here to surround you with remarkable care. Private duty nurses provide minimally invasive skilled services in the comfort of one’s home. Our carefully selected registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs) can assist with advanced care.

Allumé private duty nurses work as part of your carefully selected Care Team. Thus, you can always feel the comfort of knowing you or your loved one is surrounded by not just one, but several people who care.

Continuous Care

Allumé specializes in Continuous Care Nursing.  This is a key differentiator of Allumé Home Care.  Most home health agencies provide limited or no continuous care nursing services. Allumé aims to be the leading provider of Continuous Care Nursing in Connecticut. Continuous Care Nursing is an integral part of our primary area of focus.

When medically appropriate, nursing teams work in shifts of up to 24 hours to help patients with complex medical needs remain at home, rather than be admitted to a hospital. This intensive level of care is appropriate when a patient is having acute symptoms or is technology-dependent in a way that can’t be managed by a non-medical caregiver.



If your loved one is recovering from an injury or illness, or has an ongoing condition which requires continuous medical care, Allumé is here to surround you with experienced, trained, and caring Nurses to support your loved one at home.


Allumé provides OT, PT, speech, dietary, and social work services, which are essential when recovering from an injury, rehabilitating from surgery, or with ongoing chronic conditions which affect every area of life


Areas of Curated Focus

A distinguishing aspect of Allumé, is the way we focus and specialize on certain populations to develop care models which are innovative and thoughtful. We specialize in Complex, Continuous Care, Wound Care, and Congestive Heart Failure.