Introduction – Learn what’s in it for you in the 90 Day Success Program.

The Fabulous Four – Discover a basic ritual to help you discover and be acknowledged.

Our Culture – Learn about Coco’s secret desire, the Allumé promise, and the importance of having a story.

Introduction To Remarkable Care – Begin to learn and understand the concept of Remarkable Care and the feelings its intended to infuse into your life, and to everyone around you.

10 Steps Of Remarkable Care – Discover the 10 steps to be used with every visit, task, meeting, or engagement.

Curated Care Planning – Understand our unique approach to understanding the full breadth and scope of patient and family needs.

Nuts & Bolts.  Quick review of requesting time off, paid time off, call-outs, holidays, and overtime.

How We Work Together As A Team.  Learn about your role in the larger picture of Allumé operations.

Day 7 – 90 Day Success Program

Invoke Remarkable – Remarkable Care™ is our primary Core Value.  Discover how to invoke the remarkable with this exercise.

Day 14 – 90 Day Success Program

Meeting Unspoken Needs – Beyond what is asked for, we seek to understand and respectfully honor others’ wants, needs, and preferences.  We want to convey that Allumé cares about you.  Experience the Life Wheel Exercise to detect your unspoken wants and needs.

Day 28 – 90 Day Success Program

Uphold High Standards – We are collectively and personally compelled to do the best & right thing, all the time.  No exceptions, no excuses, just a commitment to find a way and do it right.  This exercise will shine light on where you are tenacious and persistent.

Day 30 – Celebration!

Setting Goals – Learning & Growing is a core value at Allumé.  We desire to passionately engage in doing and learning new things that continuously produce better outcomes for others & ourselves.  In this exercise, create three specific 30-day goals.