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We love our employees! We are honored and delighted to have you on board!

Book of The Month:  The Right Questions

Being Remarkable means approaching life with clarity, integrity, empathy, courage, and empowerment.  The Right Questions offers a very simple way to elevate the way we make choices.  It also was the inspiration for our company name, Allumé.  Learn more about why Coco selected The Right Questions as our book for the month on our blog.

Employees who read the book and fill out the BOOK COMPLETION FORM by FEBRUARY 28th to receive a $30 bonus!

To claim your free copy:

1 – Send an email to admin@allumecares.com

2 – In the subject write, “THE RIGHT QUESTIONS”

3 – In the body of the email, include your name, mailing address, and cell number

4 – We will drop a copy in the mail to you right away

Fill the Patient Enrichment Fund

We are making progress on our Patient Enrichment Fund!

Thanks everyone for helping us fill the bank by engaging with the Allumé Facebook Page.

Every comment or share puts $1 into the fund.

Help us get to get to our goal of having $1000 in the Patient Enrichment Fund!

February All Hands Update

Find out about what’s happening at Allumé, our progress & goals, and how you can participate in our shared success!

February Remarkable Care Awards!

We love our employees! Which is why we want to honor and celebrate you for all the great things you do! Find out who the winners of the February Remarkable Care Awards are!

Clinical Training
Correct Time, Date, Patient Name, and Clinician Name

Take a moment to watch this important video.  We have noticed several documentation errors related to correct date, time, patient name, and clinician name.  Please use extra care in making sure your documentation is accurate.  These errors are considered major no-no’s by the Department of Public Health and can result in extensive fines and even can be considered fraud.

HIPAA Violations – No Video or Photos

Another agency was recently subject to a HIPAA violation because a clinician — all with the best intentions — took and shared a photograph of her patient.  Because your phones, text, and email are not HIPAA compliant, photos and videos are strictly prohibited.  A moment of joy with your patient can be spoiled by the serious consequences that both the agency and clinician face with a HIPAA violation.  We know you love your patients.  But please don’t photograph them.  Thanks!

Performance Appraisal Process Training

Learn what the Allumé Performance Appraisal process is, and what your specific role is in the process.