2019 – Elevate, Empower, Expand!

Allume’s theme for 2019 is Elevate, Empower, Expand! Come find out what this means for our year ahead.

Fill the Patient Enrichment Fund

We are making progress on our Patient Enrichment Fund! Thanks everyone for helping us fill the bank by engaging with the Allumé Facebook Page.  Every comment or share puts $1 into the fund.  Help us get to $1000!

Remarkable Care Awards

Drum-roll, please… it’s time for the December Remarkable Care Awards.  Find out who this month’s winners are…

  • The Fill-In Award
  • On-Time In-Service Completion Award (NEW)
  • Notes-On-Time Award
  • No Call-Outs Award

Book of The Month

Crucial Conversations – Tough conversations either make or break a team.  Learn how to transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue, and make it safe to talk about almost anything.  These tools are useful at work, home, and life.

Let’s learn and earn together!

In January, the book of the month is CONSCIOUS CONVERSATIONS, by Kerry Patterson.

Employees who read the book and fill out the Book Completion Form by January 30st receive a $40 bonus!

To get your free copy of Crucial Conversations, send an email to admin@allumecares.com and write “CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS” in the subject.  In the email, include your name and address so we can drop a copy in the mail to you.

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Remarkable Care Topic

Crucial Conversations

This month, our Remarkable Care topic aligns with the book of the month.  Crucial Conversations will support you in having heartfelt, open, and honest conversations with others – patients, families, co-workers, as well as your own family members.  Here is a short video encapsulating many of the key topics of the book.  It will help you get some basics.

If you would like to explore further, we are giving away copies of the book.  Email admin@allumecares.com and write CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS in the subject line and your name and mailing address in the body of the email, and we will ship you out a copy right away.