Welcome New Employees

Welcome to our new employees who started in the field in December! We are delighted to have you on board!

Book of the Month:  Atomic Habits, by James Clear

For our January Book of the Month, Allume is featuring Atomic Habits, by James Clear.


As always, we are giving away 10 copies on a first come, first serve basis. To claim your copy:

  • Send an email to admin@allumecares.com
  • In the subject write “ATOMIC HABITS”
  • In the body of the email write your name, email, phone, and address

…and we will send you a copy!


Additionally, reading this book and filling out the Book Club Participation Form will earn you a $30 bonus (whoop-whoop!)!

January All-Hands

Welcome to the Allumé All-Hands webinar for January 2020!


Here’s where you can learn about the progress we are making as a company and receive insights to the bigger picture of what we are working to accomplish together.

  • Strategic Goals
  • Company Milestones
  • 2020 Objectives

The 24-Hour Rule

Please take a moment to learn about our 24-hour documentation policy, why it exists, and the escalation process for repeat offenders.

Thank you for making on-time documentation a priority!

2020 Success Bonuses

We are delighted to announce the 2020 Success Bonus Program! Find out…

  1. What is the 2020 Success Bonus Structure?
  2. Who is eligible?
  3. How much is the bonus?
  4. What is required to receive the bonus?
  5. What factors are considered?

Remarkable Care Awards

  • 141 Employees
  • 119 Active Care Providers
  • 22 Admin Employees
  • On-Time Notes – 96 of 119 employees – 80%
  • On-Time In-Services – 86 out of 141 employees!! 60%
  • Fill-In Award – 40 of 119 employees! 33%  THANK YOU!
  • No Call-Outs – 79 of 141, which is 56% – we can do better!! 😊


We have been tracking on-time notes since July.  Everyone who has had on-time notes every month, July – December, is eligible for the drawing for a CRUISE-FOR-TWO!

STAY TUNED to find out who the winner of the cruise-for-two to Bermuda!


Discover Your Best Self

With a new year sparking an opportunity to take stock and declare the direction of your life, this is a fun, inspiring, and though-provoking way to start your year.

We long for every Allumé teammate to feel they are being their Best Self every day because…

  • Nothing feels more settling, calming, inspiring and fulfilling than being your Best Self
  • The act of being your Best Self is healing to you and everyone around you
  • Committing to being your Best Self sets you on a path of new outcomes that your heart longs to experience
  • Nothing brings about the path of authentic success, wealth, health, love, and abundance like following the instructions of your Best Self

AXXESS CONTINUOUS CARE rilled to have everyone trained on the AXXESS Continuous Care eNote! During the months of October through December, we brought everyone from field into the office for training.  We are pleased that everyone has completed this step and we are now electronic!

Now that the new CC eNote has launched, we want to support you with specific tips to help you navigate and utilize this new form of documentation with ease.

WiFi Training

Learn how to connect to WiFi so that you can connect to AXXESS on a web browser.