Innovation Roundtable Reminder & RSVP

All employees are invited to attend the Innovation Roundtable on October, 17th, from 2-5 PM in our new office in Watertown!  Learn more about it here from Coco…

Welcome New Team Members!
Remarkable Care Awards!
Allumé Gives Away 67 Visa Gift Cards!
Clinical Training

Learn the basics of G/J Tube care, which is an essential and core component of the Allumé Continuous Care Training Program.

G/J Tube Training
Ventilator Training
How to read POC + Continuous Care Note & Narrative .

Understanding the Plan of Care (POC) is an essential ingredient of providing safe care to your patient. Learn here the intricacies of how to apply what is on the POC during each and every visit.  This video is part of the Allumé Continuous Care Training Program.

Narrative Note
QA Topic
Skilled Note: Putting Time On the Paper
Remarkable Customer Service

Did you know that being patient-centered is NOT necessarily the same thing as customer-focused? You’ll find out your customers are everywhere! Learn the Foundations of Customer Service that, surprisingly, you can use to elevate any relationship.  Also learn Allumé’s method of responding to customer upsets, which you can use in any difficult situation at work, or even in your personal life.  There are three videos…

Remarkable Customer Service – Part 1
Remarkable Customer Service – Part 2
Remarkable Customer Service – Part 3